Nancy Levant


Nancy Levant is a renowned social commentator on American culture. She is the author of  The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female (and her dreadful timing).

She has written 2,000+ articles on deceptive governance and politicians, the central banking takeover of national governments, political feminism, the public school system, economics-based wars and their corporate benefactors, and she is advocate for the elimination of climate engineering and weather control (geoengineering).

 Nancy Levant has been a nationwide and lively radio personality co-hosting with Darren Weeks on Govern America. You can hear many of her broadcasts in our archives.


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Title Created Date
Emergency Preparedness and Single Women Aug 20, 2015
Retail and Rationing in the Age of Depopulation (must read) Jun 16, 2015
Impeachment is Absolutely Necessary Jun 10, 2015
A Great Loss is Forthcoming May 20, 2015
The Elite Freak Beauty Show May 12, 2015
Let’s Talk About the Greater Good, Shall We? May 12, 2015
Bye-bye U.S. Food Supply May 07, 2015
America: The failed experiment Mar 22, 2015
Fanaticism: The source of our nightmare Mar 08, 2015
The “Change” That Kills Feb 28, 2015
Civil Society: What happens when you're an idiot Feb 26, 2015
Senior House-Sharing: How to live in tough times Feb 15, 2015
Adult Decision-Making Is Over Feb 08, 2015
Hoarding America’s Wealth: The corporate-financial elite Jan 27, 2015
Last Chance for State Representatives Jan 23, 2015
Water: The Unnatural Resource Jan 23, 2015
Elderly People: The next right to life battle Jan 20, 2015
The Endless, Ongoing Justification of Savagery Jan 13, 2015
Pray for Peace Dec 25, 2014
The Christmas Eve Concern: The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty and Executive Action by Barack Obama Dec 16, 2014
Keeping Millennials Home with Parents Is a Bad Plan Dec 14, 2014
Which Nation(s) Will Eliminate Oil-Based Economics? Dec 12, 2014
Criteria for Collective Puppets in Office: Sociopathic, drug and/or alcohol addicted, pathological lying, paranoia Dec 11, 2014
Do or Die: The end of the biological line Dec 11, 2014
Vladimir Putin: Sorry…I like him. Dec 05, 2014
Training the Interchangeable Global Policing Forces Nov 27, 2014
Living in the Post-Employment World: One and only one solution Nov 21, 2014
Self-Sufficiency: When it’s just too easy to flip the switch Nov 21, 2014
Their Fault, Their Penalty: Federal Reserve Must Be Forced to Pay Off the National Debt Nov 18, 2014
Why Don’t We Just Call Ourselves Chinamerica and Get It Over With? Nov 13, 2014
Subsidies and Consolidation: How 21st century slavery works Nov 12, 2014
Registered and Certified: The human, swine and bovine herds Nov 06, 2014
Formaldehyde: What a fascinating fracking and Ebola-mimicking water poison Nov 05, 2014
And Americans flock to the polls to elect more nation-killing globalists Nov 02, 2014
Roger Mundy, May You Rest in Peace (1950-2014) Oct 19, 2014
Why I Am a Happy Prepper Oct 13, 2014
Can Life Survive a Radiation-Contaminated Pacific Ocean? Sep 20, 2014
What Have They Done? Sep 09, 2014
Social Justice in the Form of Corporate Cities? Aug 29, 2014
The Ever-Expanding Enemies Aug 27, 2014
Human Riddance: The world’s oldest games and gamers play on Aug 16, 2014
Top 10 Threats to Life on Earth Aug 10, 2014
The Dying Strip Mall Called America Jun 18, 2014
Nuclear War: How Americans will succumb to totalitarian global government Jun 13, 2014
Do We Survive? Jun 07, 2014
California: Geopolitical destruction in action May 23, 2014
The “Greater Good” or the Very Definition of Slavery? May 21, 2014
The Created Crises Have Arrived…All of them May 21, 2014
Are You an Upgraded Smart Human? May 21, 2014
Land and Water Privatization = No Food, No Water May 15, 2014
Enforced Debt: The Road to Global Fascism May 14, 2014
Crimes against Humanity & Biological Life = Finance/Corporate Technocracies & Oligarchies May 14, 2014
In the Midst of Human Culling Apr 30, 2014
Just Comfortable Enough to Do Nothing? Apr 01, 2014
How and Why We are to Blame Mar 28, 2014
Animal Rights and Abuse: No one kills or abuses more animals more than the federally sanctioned and funded geoengineering campaigns, HAARP facilities and nuclear contamination. Mar 15, 2014
Arrogance: One Tough and Dangerous Topic Mar 09, 2014
Thoughts on Nucleated Winter Assault 2013-14 Mar 09, 2014
Smoke and Mirrors, Cover-ups and Unbalanced Authority Mar 04, 2014
From Fukushima to the U.S. and Canada Feb 23, 2014
Holding Government Accountable is the Final Stab at Morality Feb 23, 2014
Carte Blanche Depopulation: Crimes against all life must be declared Feb 09, 2014
Geoengineering (Chemtrail) Patents: Denial obliterated Feb 07, 2014
Listen to the Lady: She knows what she’s talking about Jan 30, 2014
Passive Democide: Drought and Starvation Jan 28, 2014
The Poisoning, Bankruptcy and Poverty of Geoengineering Jan 26, 2014
1 + 1 = War Jan 24, 2014
When Your Country Becomes One of the Worst Jan 19, 2014
2014: The Year of Commitment Jan 01, 2014
S.A.G.E.: Seniors Against GeoEngineering Dec 30, 2013
Watch the Left Hand: Fukushima may be the Right Dec 27, 2013
Strategic Emergent National Crises Dec 27, 2013
SHAME on NASA! Dec 26, 2013
What we must consider about poverty, power and government Dec 23, 2013
Every American Must Receive $35K Tax Returns…Annually Dec 22, 2013
Living on the Edge of Biological Nature Dec 21, 2013
The Abject Insanity of Aerial Spraying Dec 15, 2013
Chemtrails: How they changed my world Dec 15, 2013
The Dilemma of Retirement and Eldership Dec 12, 2013
Fine…Deny Reality Dec 11, 2013
Passive Prison: Sorting and Ranking Americans Dec 09, 2013
Bankrupt Nation = Constitution Convention = Global Law: A long awaited plan Dec 05, 2013
Mass Migration Events Forthcoming Dec 02, 2013
The Horror of Institutionalized Avarice Dec 01, 2013
Lame Duck to Monarch? Why You DO NOT Want a Constitutional Convention Nov 30, 2013
Conspiracy Tracking: The United States of Incarceration Nov 30, 2013
First Animalism, then Cage Nov 29, 2013
Something is Very Peculiar about U.S. Silence on Fukushima. Nov 27, 2013
For the First Time in History, the Whole World Sees Elites for What They Are Nov 27, 2013
Uh…Where are the Moral and Ethical Scientists of the World? Nov 26, 2013
Equality = A Right to Personal Opinions and Lifestyles Nov 24, 2013
Global Suppression of Free Speech, Free Thought and Personal Opinion Nov 24, 2013
WAY Past Time for 50 States to Stand Up to Federal Tyranny Nov 23, 2013
Bioweapons: The denial (amongst others) Nov 20, 2013
Neither Pre-selected Leaders nor Use of Force Will Convince Humans to be Slaves to the 1% Nov 17, 2013
Dialectical “Health” Care beneath Aerial Spraying Bombardment Nov 15, 2013
Stratospheric Aerial Geoengineering: What you can do Nov 10, 2013
Geoengineering: Global Governance Democide Nov 08, 2013
The Desired “National” Crises Have Arrived: All of them Oct 31, 2013
Fukushima: A perfect “NAU” crisis? Oct 22, 2013
Move to a Rural Area – Part II Oct 21, 2013
Dangerously Polarized by DC Design Oct 20, 2013
Understanding the Viciousness of the Obamacare Tax Oct 19, 2013
Today’s “Free” Americans Oct 18, 2013
Get Your Supplies Now, While You Can Oct 17, 2013
The Real Reason for Obamacare Oct 15, 2013
Social Security IS NOT an “Entitlement” Oct 13, 2013
A Few Fixes: Eliminate Non-Profits, Surreal Wealth, and Paid Representatives Oct 10, 2013
Commerce-Based Living: An abusive and shallow paradigm Oct 08, 2013
The Government’s Ongoing Betrayal of the Urban Poor Oct 07, 2013
Shutdown = Making Illegal Our Presence in US Biosphere Reserves and World Heritage Sites Oct 06, 2013
The Intriguing Topic of “Storage” Oct 06, 2013
To the Federal Government: Go. Away. Oct 02, 2013
Social Science: The New American Church Sep 29, 2013
Do Americans Care if America Ends? Sep 29, 2013
Godzilla Lives Sep 28, 2013
Keeping the Faith in Freedom Sep 28, 2013
GPS... It's a civilian thing Sep 27, 2013
The Federal Landlording Agenda Sep 27, 2013
Well Learned Helplessness Sep 21, 2013
Administered Food and Drugs: We are all drugged patients now Sep 21, 2013
The United Shame of America Sep 19, 2013
Idolizing Wealth, Expertise, Technology, and Red-Blue: Welcome to the police state Sep 18, 2013
War, Women and Children: An uncomfortable truth Sep 15, 2013
Fear Mongering or Fair Warning Sep 11, 2013
False Flagging to a War on Syria/Iran Sep 09, 2013
Regarding Syria: ANY Retaliation on American Soil IS the Kiss of Death to the American Constitution; NATIONAL Martial Law WILL Ensue Sep 09, 2013
Move to a Rural Area…Seriously…Right Now Sep 09, 2013
Human Exceptionalism: Uhh…where? Sep 06, 2013
The Universality of Arrogance Sep 06, 2013
The American People: Our Indivisible Freedom Sep 05, 2013
Intellectual Tyranny: Technology-Based Education Sep 04, 2013
Prepare for the GridEx II November Power Grid “Drill” Sep 02, 2013
Health Care “Exchanges”: Stock Exchange Profits for the Sickness Industrial Complex Sep 01, 2013
Enforcement: How It Came to Dominate the U.S. Sep 01, 2013
Concerning Global Unions Sep 01, 2013
Leadership: Power, Wealth and Instability Sep 01, 2013
The BIG Crisis is Coming Aug 30, 2013
Old or New Paradigms: Same Billionaire Enrichment Program Aug 28, 2013
Understanding the Global Collective Aug 27, 2013
The “Change” Has Arrived Aug 27, 2013
The United Nations of America Aug 26, 2013
Ruler Representatives and Martial Law Aug 25, 2013
Paradigm Shifting To Life and What Matters Aug 25, 2013
Surreal Vulnerability 2013 Aug 25, 2013
Why the Truth Hurts So Much Aug 25, 2013
Great Info & Resources: “A Chronological History of the New World Order” Aug 23, 2013
The E Word Aug 23, 2013
“Public” Education: Teaching Joey and Janey Who and What to Hate Aug 23, 2013
Addicted To, Enslaved, and Controlled by Money Aug 22, 2013
Constructive or Destructive Radicalism Aug 22, 2013
American People and the Emerging Dictatorship Aug 22, 2013
What is a “Faith-Based” Christian? Aug 22, 2013
The Exploited Believer Aug 22, 2013
When Leaders and Management Fail as Human Beings Aug 22, 2013
Demonizing Eldership: The Inhumanity of “The Greater Good” Aug 22, 2013
Perfect Storm: Part-Time Jobs + Mandatory Health Care Aug 22, 2013
How and Why Women Must Help This Culture Aug 22, 2013
Time for a New Leadership Paradigm Aug 22, 2013
Really Cool Theft-Based Initiatives Aug 22, 2013
Are We Switching Labor Forces with China, or is China Buying or being Given American Cities? Aug 22, 2013
Besides Insistence, There is No Rift between God and Science Aug 22, 2013
No Accountability Required for Global-Sized Criminals? Aug 22, 2013
Crystal Clear Fascism Aug 22, 2013
The Big Four: Governance, Guns, Drugs, and Human Trafficking Aug 22, 2013
Preach Benevolence, Legislate Total Domination Aug 22, 2013
Administrative Integrity No Longer Exists Aug 22, 2013
How to get a Handle on Scandal? A BIG Crisis Aug 22, 2013
The Takeover of Humanity Aug 22, 2013
We Are Living Under Commanders and their New Laws Aug 22, 2013
Criminalizing Law Abiding Americans Aug 22, 2013
Calculate Your MANDATORY Healthcare Premiums Here Aug 22, 2013
Panic-Based Terrorism: The Tool that Destroys Liberty Aug 22, 2013
Shooting Pets and Arresting School Children Aug 22, 2013
Global Governance in the U.S. Aug 22, 2013
Robbed, Railroaded, Enforced, and Criminalized: Today’s “Free” Americans Aug 22, 2013
Yeah…Keep Voting for the Red or the Blue… Aug 22, 2013
Education-based Bureaucratic Bullying Has Failed: Time to Return to Real Experts Aug 22, 2013
The Laundering Game: Make Something Illegal, Grow Laundering (Banking) Profits Aug 22, 2013
Still Supporting Big Retail, Big Pharma and Big Ag? Aug 22, 2013
United: Americans no longer deceived by talking heads Aug 22, 2013
Walking Miles in Each Other’s Shoes: We are One People Aug 22, 2013
There’s a Whole Lot of Mental Illness in Washington D.C. Aug 22, 2013
Zero Tolerance (A.K.A. Dictatorship) Aug 22, 2013
Top Ten Signs of Being Duped and Manipulated by Government Aug 22, 2013
Govern America: Doing the work, building the bridges Aug 22, 2013
The Art of Global Contempt: Endless War Gaming Aug 22, 2013
A question… Aug 22, 2013
Government Gives “Party” Favors to the Poor, Government Quadruples Poverty Aug 22, 2013
Faith and Reason under Billionaire Fascism Aug 22, 2013
Stand Up, Christians Aug 22, 2013
When Government Fears the People Aug 22, 2013
There Are Reasons Why the U.S. Looks a Military Zone Aug 22, 2013
The Two-Party Stranglehold Aug 22, 2013
Scamnation: Forcing “mandatory” healthcare to raise corporate profits Aug 22, 2013
Biosphere Reserves: The Kingpin of Gated Communities? Jun 25, 2013

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