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Fukushima: A perfect “NAU” crisis?

Fukushima: A perfect “North American Union” crisis?

Why has the largest nuclear contamination event in the history of the world been totally ignored? When the world’s largest food source, the OCEANS, which are also all CONNECTED, are being nuked to the point of fish bleeding from their eyes, dissolving into gels, growing tumors, and pink salmon are turning bright yellow, can someone please explain to me why no one is helping to solve this ferociously deadly problem? Why is it that California, Oregon, Washington, Canada, and even parts of Mexico are being radiated and no one is doing or saying a thing??

Perhaps Fukushima is just the “crisis” the ones up top have been waiting for; the “international” North American Union crisis whereby all these military drills and practices can come to actual fruition under a banner of Martial Law. I’m sorry, but I can’t help but to imagine the possibility of waking up one day to find that we are all under a radiological contamination “event” which calls for international “emergency” measures; the “environmental” crisis they’ve been staging and looking for, especially since “global warming” just didn’t pass the litmus test for authenticity minus the geoengineering ozone-holing, sun screening, droughts, and land, air and water contaminations (ongoing).

Yes, perhaps I am conspiracy theorizing, but ignoring Fukushima for damned near two years is beyond strange as it is impossible to ignore. Perhaps making use of a real and really significant crisis is just what the DC doctors ordered; that perhaps coupled with the ongoing economic nightmare and nearly 50 million Americans losing food assistance when over 100,000,000 have lost jobs or are now part-time minimum wagers.

Strange days, people; strange and very dangerous days. One cannot help but theorize.

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