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Move to a Rural Area…Seriously…Right Now

Move to a Rural Area…Seriously…Right Now

When nukes are being moved from one side of the country to the other, when big swords are rattling worldwide at the United States, and when congress is not congress and the judicial system is not based on laws; when international forces are practicing in most major cities in the U.S. AND training law enforcement to act as soldiers, it’s time to move away from metropolitan areas, because something is clearly afoot and impending.

Every big dog in the U.S. is warning of 1) a national cyber-attack, 2) impending pandemics, 3) nuclear, chemical and biological attacks, 3) an economic crash, bank failures and bail-ins, and 4) militarized control of we the desperate ones including forced relocations into interment centers/compounds.  As such, here are a few suggestions:

Get out of the cities. Try to buy or rent houses off of main thoroughfares and with enough land to grow food, with wooded acreages, and with immediate access to water (lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, wells).

Rent with friends or extended family members if possible.

Buy tools and books. Learn how to do things besides press buttons on keyboards. Learn to be useful to people, not corporate profits.

Homeschool your children or prepare to have them locked down in schools. You are going to have to decide if you want them with you or with soldiers.

Prepare to work differently and much harder because you have A LOT to learn, quickly.

Learn how and what to buy to safeguard yourselves. Buy all food and supplies in bulk. Do NOT spend money on entertainments. You’ve, no doubt, already had enough “entertainments” to last a lifetime.

Get multiple dogs and other defense essentials. If the nation loses power, millions of people are going to be house-hunting for food.

Learn to hunt and fish and get licensed to do so.

Buy non-GMO, heirloom garden seeds NOW. Print food storage lists off Internet sites NOW. Start buying NOW, but first and foremost, move out of the cities. Get yourselves to very rural areas, which at the moment are chock-full of rental properties, many of which being low cost, especially compared to city rents and mortgages.

If you live with several adults, you can find part-time jobs and share driving expenses. If you have any real skills (auto maintenance, cleaning, cooking, sewing, plumbing, electrical, farming, large equipment operation, etc.), you will find work. Try to work from home as well. You can feed a whole lot of people on $10.00 or $15.00. It’s not that hard to make a few bucks from home (babysit, edit, tutor, sew, in-home laundry service, auto detailing, yard maintenance for neighbors, yard sales, EBay, veggie stand, etc.).

Pay rents/mortgages and utility payments ahead by several months, if possible.


Once moved, store water, water, water and more water.

Start looking NOW for your country retreat. Enlist the help of family and friends who live outside of cities and start packing.

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