Gun Control & Disarmament

Gun Control & Disarmament


  • Guns Save Lives

    The right to keep and bear arms boils down to the right to defend ones' self, their family, and property. Self-defense is a basic human right which cannot be rightfully encroached.

    Guns will always be available to those who want to act illegally. If they were made illegal, that would create a black market where criminals would smuggle them. They can also be illegally manufactured from raw materials. So making guns illegal, will only serve to take them out of the hands of those that need them for self-defense — the law-abiding citizens.

    Guns are used, every day, to stop robberies, burglaries, and acts of violent crime. You will never hear about these events on the mainstream (controlled) national media for two reasons:

    1. Since the gunman was stopped early on, he was unable to victimize many people, if any at all, therefore it doesn't make for a good story for the sensationalist national news media. Remember, it only leads if it bleeds.

    2. More importantly, the use of guns in the thwarting of violent crime doesn't fit the agenda of the national media to demonize guns by portraying them as evil tools to be used only in the slaughter of innocent people. Hence, stories making guns look good don't fit the template.

    Guns are tools, which can be used for good or evil. The same hammer than can be used to bludgeon a person to death, can be used to build a house for a homeless person. It's time to quit blaming the tools and recognize that guns are used for benevolent purposes every single day. Many victims of crime that you will read about in these pages would not be alive today, had the "Gun Control" proponents had their way and firearms had been banned.

    It is for this reason, we present this collection of documented, real-life stories of people using guns to save lives — a phenomenon which is far more common than the Gun Control proponents would have you believe. Link to this page. Share these stories. Don't allow the media to convince you to give up your God-given right to self-defense.

    Darren Weeks
    January 17, 2014

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