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Homeland Security

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U.S. Postal Service Running 'Covert Operations Program' To Spy On Americans' Social Media Posts, Share With Agencies Apr 21, 2021
Government Fights to Trap EFF’s NSA Spying Case in a Catch-22 Apr 14, 2019
Fear, Crime, and Chaos Pervasive for Border Ranchers Mar 04, 2019
Secret 1984 FISA Memo to Remain Secret Oct 31, 2017
Border Patrol Launches Program to Scan the Face of Every Person Leaving U.S. Aug 31, 2017
App Gives Canadians Points for Government-Approved Choices; Canada Follows Communist Chinese Lead in Behavior Modification Scheme Jul 21, 2017
New Invasive Measures Are Coming to Your Local Airport Jun 29, 2017
Current Communist Goals (1963) Jun 08, 2017
Thousands Of Mics And Cameras To Be Installed In San Diego For “Data Harvesting” Mar 02, 2017
New Report Warns of Growing Biometric Surveillance State Oct 20, 2016
FBI Director Says He Covers His Webcam — and That You Should Too Sep 18, 2016
Federal Judge Rules Hidden Microphones in Public Do Not Violate Constitution Jul 28, 2016
Why Is the Federal Government Planting Microphones in Public? May 19, 2016
Federal Agents Exposed For Planting Surveillance Microphones in Public May 16, 2016
Thanks to TSA, Almost 7,000 Passengers Missed Their Flights in Just One Week on Just One Airline May 09, 2016
The TSA is Selling Your Confiscated Items Online for Profit May 06, 2016
Navy Enlists Public To See Something, Say Something If Hobby Drones Are Spotted Near Bases May 02, 2016
CIA-Backed Artificial Intelligence Firm To Spy on Wall Street Traders Apr 28, 2016
New Yale Law School Report Shows Rapid Growth of Domestic Watchlists Apr 24, 2016
FBI informants act as 'honeypots' to entrap 21yo 'ISIS sympathizer' – report Apr 24, 2016
Department of Homeland Security Caught Monitoring Veterans’ ‘VA is Lying’ Facebook Group Apr 18, 2016
The iPhone Is Just the Beginning: FBI Already Accessing Your DNA Mar 10, 2016
Why Is Google Building a Secret Giant Experimental Radio Transmitter in the Desert? Mar 08, 2016
New Billboards Film You, Then Use Your Mobile Phone To Follow You Mar 01, 2016
Pro-Constitution Sheriff Under Attack in Oregon Feb 29, 2016
Beware Twitter Users: Your Tweets Help the Government Predict the Future Feb 28, 2016
WikiLeaks: NSA spied on UN’s Ban Ki-Moon & other world leaders for US oil companies Feb 25, 2016
Big Banks Hiring Former Spies to Snoop on Employees Feb 18, 2016
The NSA Actually Has A Program Called SKYNET — And It’s Terrifying Feb 17, 2016
Intel Chief Confirms Our Worst Nightmares: Home Smart Devices Are Ideal for Spying on You Feb 12, 2016
Special Agent Taylor Johnson Was Retaliated Against After Exposing Corruption of EB-5 Regional Centers Feb 07, 2016
Global Patriot Act? UK Seeks Authority to Serve Warrants in America Feb 06, 2016
Ex-Homeland Security Chief Caught Lying About Spying on University Staff Feb 06, 2016
A National ID Card Is Coming Soon — and You Will Need It to Fly and Drive Jan 14, 2016
1 in 36 Americans Are Tied up in the Prison System… And That’s a 20 Year Low Jan 05, 2016
72 Department of Homeland Security Employees On Terrorist Watchlist; 95% Failure to Find Weapons at Airports Dec 06, 2015
The US Government is Wiretapping WAY More Americans Than it Wants to Admit Jul 14, 2015
Longboarders Swerve and Crash to Avoid Road Rage Cop Apr 14, 2014
'Military-Style' Raid on California Power Station Spooks U.S. Jan 04, 2014
Federal Judge Displays Skepticism Over NSA Spying, Considers Injunction Nov 18, 2013
San Diego Craigslist Ad Searches for “Surveillance Role Players” Aug 21, 2013
Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) Report on the Militia and Patriot Movement (2009) Jul 17, 2013
Obama signs executive order to allow shut down of all US communications Jul 12, 2013
'LOL, JK': Texas teen faces 8 years in prison for making 'terroristic threat' online Jul 01, 2013
U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission Jun 23, 2013
Homeland Security's Long, Long List of Social Media Watch Words Jun 18, 2013
Russia Conducts Test of New ICBM Designed to Defeat U.S. Defenses Jun 07, 2013
Forget the Headlines: Chinese Buying Big in U.S. May 22, 2013
Feds gave witness protection to terrorists May 17, 2013
Former FBI agent: All telephone calls recorded by U.S. government May 05, 2013
Army Seeks 'Tiny Autonomous Chip' to Replace GPS Apr 26, 2013

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