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News, analysis and commentary on liberty issues facing our country. These are formal articles. Darren Weeks also has a less formal website where he blogs about technology and non-political matters.

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Biden's Inauguration Security: A Simple Solution for a Simple Man Jan 11, 2021
Memorial Day: We Like to Remember. We Like to Obey. We're Americans. We are Free! May 25, 2020
Deep State Shill —a poem by Darren Weeks Nov 11, 2019
The Dangerous Death of Diplomacy: Trump's Greatest Failure May 19, 2019
FBI: Homegrown Islamic Terror Camp Busted in Alabama May 12, 2019
Gillette: The Worst a Company Can Get Apr 27, 2019
U.S. Troops to Stay in Syria Proves 'Deep State' Swamp Firmly in Control Feb 22, 2019
Terrorized for Being a Kid: When Prosecutorial Zeal Becomes Domestic Terrorism Jan 05, 2019
Trump's Troop Pullout: Why You Cannot Trust Breitbart Dec 20, 2018
Now That Trump Has Ordered Troops Out of Syria, Can We Expect Another Assad Gassing Incident? Dec 20, 2018
Crushing the Resistance by Seizing Their Assets: The USA Patriot and Magnitsky Acts and Executive Order 13438 Nov 29, 2018
President Trump celebrates the end of World War I, as U.S. troops fight in multiple theaters Nov 10, 2018
Who is in charge at Zero Hedge? Popular website cites the SPLC and ADL for 'Hate' statistics Nov 10, 2018
Meet Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro, a Tyrant Who Wants to Prosecute Social Media Site Gab for the Actions of One of Its Users Oct 31, 2018
FBI Refuses to Raid Terrorist Camp Where Children Are Taught to be School Shooters Aug 10, 2018
An Open Letter to the Justice Department Regarding 'Big Tech' Censorship of Alex Jones, et al. Aug 07, 2018
'Six Ways From Sunday': Challenging the Deep State's Fourth Branch of Government Jul 22, 2018
Douma Danger: Is Trump Growing Weary of ‘Deep State’ Dictation? Apr 09, 2018
Double Agent Donald: Justice is the New ‘American Dream’ Mar 01, 2018
Vegas Shooting: An Inside Job? Oct 12, 2017
Yelling at a Ground Squirrel as we're Eaten by a Dragon: China Steals 20 Million Security Clearances as Russia is Villainized Aug 07, 2017
Trump's Paris Climate Announcement: You've Been Played Again! Jun 02, 2017
Waking Up from the American Dream Apr 01, 2017
Save the Planet — Kill Yourself? Mar 02, 2017
Crisis Equals 'Opportunity' Mar 02, 2017
Hanoi George and High Crimes Mar 02, 2017
New York Times CEO Contemplates How to Best Censor the Web Dec 13, 2016
Ohio State Attack Proves Guns Don't Kill People — Open Borders Do Nov 28, 2016
Administration's Flood Response: Issue Threats Aug 22, 2016
Hillary E-Mails and Pandora Politics Aug 16, 2016
Spending Our Kids’ Inheritance Aug 11, 2016
Guilty By Reason of Accusation? Aug 07, 2016
Important Message About Govern America for August 6th, 2016 (Updated) Aug 05, 2016
The Purge: Civil Unrest and Shootings in Jackson, Michigan Jul 13, 2016
The Real Monsters of Pokémon Go Jul 11, 2016
Trump Supports Gun Control — When Will The “Sheeple” Learn? Jun 16, 2016
Toward Technocratic Tyranny: Iran On Board With UN Agenda 2030 Implementation May 17, 2016
Evidence of Foreknowledge and Planning In Belgian Bombing Attacks (updated) Mar 22, 2016
Prayers With Disclaimers Sep 07, 2015
To Our Visitors... Feb 01, 2016
Media Attempts to Associate Malheur Occupants with ISIS Jan 14, 2016
Washington D.C. Spooks Monitor Govern America Radio Stream (Updated) Jan 13, 2016
The Donald Trump 'Two Minutes Hate' Dec 13, 2015
DRILLS GOING LIVE... How many times have we seen this pattern? Dec 02, 2015
Was University 'Study', Claiming Global Warming Is Causing Kidney Disease, Funded by Federal Money? Oct 11, 2015
The Snowden Trojan: World Treaty Pushed as Solution to NSA Spying Sep 24, 2015
Chris Gerner, Rest In Peace: There's Nobody to Replace Him Sep 04, 2015
Road Closures with Military MRAP Vehicles Come to Jackson, Michigan Aug 02, 2015
A Deceitful Peace Jun 09, 2015
Giving Back: The Communitarian Death of Benevolence Jun 01, 2015
The Crumbling Infrastructure of Jackson County, Michigan May 12, 2015
Texas A&M Prof Teaches the Wrong Class Apr 27, 2015
The Beauty of God's Creation Apr 10, 2015
B-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r Feb 21, 2015
Orwell and the American Zombie Culture Feb 15, 2015
Why the United States is Next-to-Last in International Academics Jan 28, 2015
My Christmas Wish Dec 25, 2014
NYT: Infamous Guccifer Hacker Cites 'Plans' for Chicago to be Hit with Nuclear Bomb Next Year Nov 14, 2014
It's Not Over, Until It's Overcome: Roger Mundy, A Living Legacy Oct 19, 2014
Ebola, the SS, and the Great Golf Club Swinger Oct 01, 2014
JOURNALISTIC ETHICS: State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf Gifts Reporter Matt Lee During Press Briefing Sep 18, 2014
Robin Williams: A Dissenting Opinion Aug 13, 2014
Autumn's Early Touch Jul 29, 2014
Dogs of War, Architects of Terror Jul 19, 2014
FedEx Shooting Just Days After Georgia Pro-Gun Bill Becomes Law; Facility was a 'Gun Free Zone' Apr 29, 2014
Cliven Bundy and the BLM Bullies: Does the Mafia Care About Public Relations? Apr 11, 2014
‘Crossing the Line’ to a Constitutional Convention Apr 06, 2014
The Human Factor Mar 30, 2014
Self Defeatism: The Mindset of the Slave Mar 23, 2014
O Conquered Man Jan 02, 2014
Aerosol Operations Over Jackson Michigan - November 8, 2013 Nov 09, 2013
Cue the Mass Shooting Distraction Drone Nov 01, 2013
Washington's Tantrum Oct 02, 2013
Aerosol Operations over Jackson, Michigan - September 6, 2013 Sep 06, 2013
Free at last? Who are you kidding? Aug 28, 2013
Commander Data and the Extropians Aug 23, 2013
The warnings keep a sounding Aug 23, 2013
Dynasties of America: Many Voices, No Choices Aug 22, 2013
Hollywood's "Green" Hypocrisy Jun 19, 2013
SECRET MEETINGS: Obama CO2 regulations coming in July Jun 14, 2013
U.S. to provide military support for Syrian terrorist rebels Jun 14, 2013
Gun Control... We Can Believe In? Jun 09, 2013
Thinking of marching on Washington with guns? Stay home! May 07, 2013
Exploiting the Victims Apr 28, 2013
Notes from January 19, 2013 Preparedness Show Apr 28, 2013
Continuity of Abuse Apr 28, 2013

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