Darren Weeks

Texas A&M Prof Teaches the Wrong Class

I was humored by the story of the college professor who gave his entire class a failing grade because he had reached a breaking point with their behavior.

CBS Houston provides us this gem...

A Texas A&M Galveston professor says he hit a “breaking point” as he failed an entire class of students in his management course that he said required “ security guards” for him to feel safe teaching. In a scathing e-mail  sent to students in his Strategic Management class, Texas A&M Galveston professor Irwin Horwitz called his class a disgrace to the school and said “it became apparent they couldn’t do some of the most simple and basic things they should have been able to do,” KPRC-TV reports. Horwitz said a semester of backstabbing, lying, cheating and disrespect has caused him to fail everyone in the class and that he will no longer be teaching the course.

Let's see... ignorance, incompetence, lying, cheating, and disrespect? This is a management class? It should be political science. It sounds like his students have a great future in politics.

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