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Chris Gerner, Rest In Peace: There's Nobody to Replace Him

Chris Gerner


Darren Weeks
Coalition to Govern America
September 4, 2015

Like many in life, Chris Gerner did not immediately answer the call of fulfilling his purpose. In fact, he didn't immediately recognize that he had a calling. As he grew up, his parents had been members of the Birch Society, so Chris had long been awake to the reality that things were not right in America. Even so, working in Hollywood as a set designer for a time, then being content racing dirt bikes in the California desert, becoming a talk show host was the furthest thing from his mind.

Until one fateful day, as he was pre-running a trail in preparation for an upcoming race, something broke on his bike, and he went over a steep cliff. Horrified, there was nothing he could do but ride the bike all the way to the ground below. When he landed, the bike had went one direction, Chris had went in the opposite, with his head coming to rest between two large rocks. Had he landed inches either way, you would not be reading these words. Realizing he had just cheated death, he knew he had been spared for a purpose.

"I said, 'I have to wake up our country'," he later told me in one of our countless phone conversations that spanned from about 2004 to the present. That epiphany is what launched him into a series of events that would ultimately lead him to begin broadcasting under the name of Amerikan Exposé. Each broadcast would begin with a pleasant and playful orchestral arrangement which would suddenly morph into a more ominous theme, reminiscent of a fearful, circus clown horror show. It was a brilliant theme to illustrate how things might look good on the surface, but peel back the pretty exterior, there hides a darker veneer.

I first heard Chris Gerner when I stumbled upon his show as he was broadcasting on Genesis Communications Network. I was working late nights in Master Control, at a the CBS affiliate in Lansing, Michigan, and wanted something informative to which to listen to pass the time.

The thing that impressed me about Chris was that I could tell from the inflections in his voice that he wasn't there to make money; he wasn't there to play or entertain. The manner in which he expressed himself, with periodic deep sighs, and the specific subject matter of his commentary left me with no doubt, this guy really cares! It was very apparent that he held a deep love for our country and its people.

He spoke of the orchestrated nature of the countless wars that have plagued our nation and its people. He documented the role the League of Nations, the UN, and the U.S. State Department has played in countless wars and human suffering. He openly and emotionally bled for the soldiers whose bodies, minds, and lives were hopelessly destroyed, the thousands of families who would be staring at an empty chair at the dinner table. We, the listener, grieved with Chris for the soldiers, the living and the fallen, victims of the deception. I recall his reading, once, from the Helms Congressional Report about POW/MIAs, left behind in Vietnam. Suddenly, his voice broke in the middle of the report and couldn't finish it. Unlike other broadcasters who erect an emotional façade for show, Chris was undeniably genuine.

A protege of the late William Cooper, Chris was big on documentation. He constantly sifted through documents that were written by the world players, think tanks, and the spooks themselves, dissecting them on the air, and admonishing his listeners that they could do the same. He spent hours doing research, connecting dots so that people could understand the "why", and the "how" of the Plan for World Government enslavement.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Chris, over the years. I became his webmaster, and he my mentor. Though I was a professional broadcaster by trade, he is the reason I became a talk show host. We've spent countless hours talking about world events, our personal lives, and the uncertain future. I learned much from him.

At times, our talks centered around the untimely departure of a member of the patriot community from this world. Whenever we would discuss a freedom fighter who had passed, Chris' reply to me would always be: "there's no one to replace them", meaning their contribution was too great. Their understanding was too deep. The void they left, would be would there forever.

My phone rang, a few days ago, from a number I didn't recognize. A conversation ensued, followed by the shock. I learned the news that Christian C. Gerner had passed away. He had been mowing his lawn on August 8th, and had, apparently, had a heart attack. He was 64. The cause of liberty had lost another warrior. I had lost a dear friend.

In times such as this, we reflect upon the values of the departed, and the impact they had upon our lives. For me, Chris' influence was immeasurable. Whether it was by shortwave, micro-FM, KU- or C-band satellite, or an Internet stream, I know of many people whose lives he equally touched by waking them up to the truth. For many, the truth Chris brought forward, changed their path. He was truly one of the greats. I am privileged to have known him, and humbled by the task of carrying his torch.

Goodbye, my friend. May you rest in peace, finally knowing the freedom that you fought so hard to achieve. A freedom without war, without banking cartels, without corporate fascism, international organizations and NGOs. A freedom without shadow governments and their think tanks.

May the angels escort you to your eternal rest. Your work on earth is done. There's nobody to replace you.

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