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Cue the Mass Shooting Distraction Drone

As more information continues to leak out about the far-reaching tentacles of the NSA police state, the administration continues to deal with extremely low approval ratings due to its implementation (or the lack thereof) of the ObamaCare molestation system.


Today also marks the first day that 47 million Americans will see their food stamps cut. While many mainstream conservatives and blowhard talk show hosts will view this as a good motivation to push people off the system and motivate them to find a job — thus lessening dependence upon government — we have to ask again: What jobs?


As usual, the debates never center upon the real issues surrounding the problems. For ObamaCare, it's about the Healthcare.gov website — not the individual mandate which is the most oppressive thing the federal government has done since the Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax of 1913. For the food stamp issue, it's about those who abuse the system — not about the fact that the system, itself, is abuse.


The suffering that will be experienced by the cut in the SNAP program, is furthered along by the deliberate outsourcing of our jobs to foreign countries due to numerous "free trade" agreements. For those who say to these dependent souls, "get a job", I would reply, Have you tried to find one lately? Your writer knows many who have made this attempt. It isn't as easy as it used to be. There are very few high-paying jobs. We are reaping the results of a truly globalized economy. This is what happens when we allow the globalist vermin to demonize stiff tariffs on imports as "protectionism" — as if protecting America is somehow a bad thing. I suppose it is bad, if you are a globalist tyrant wannabe who is hell-bent upon destroying the United States from within.


Then we have the Orwellian-named "Affordable Care" Act, which promises to deliver an eye-popping price tag to the debt-drowning Middle Class, who are already barely eeking it out. As a result, Americans will soon be crushed under the tonnage of Washington's countless excesses.


Let's be clear here: "ObamaCare" has nothing to do with healthcare, other than it being a good excuse for government to take control of private industry and use that control to kill off "useless" eaters. This is a tax. Period. The Supreme Court knew the score. They used that perverse argument to treasonously sustain it.


But ObamaCare was the classic bait and switch: Like a used car salesman, "healthcare" was the Mercedes for which you paid; now you're in debt for a dysfunctional jalopy you can't use and the payments are guaranteed to increase every year. Sadly, many Americans bought into the deal. Ignorance has never been more expensive. Now, they will pay... and pay... and pay... and pay... and pay... and—


Soon, ObamaCare will be the most expensive thing in most Americans' lives — right up there with college, car payments, and their underwater home mortgages. Outrage will grow to the point where civil unrest will take place in the streets. Cries of revolution are likely to occur. This is not something we want to see. The Feds are well aware of this fact. They have been planning diligently for this for a long time. This is why Homeland Security and other federal agencies have been arming themselves to the teeth. They have no intent of changing course or backing down... and this is why they want the guns.


Today, there was another shooting. Originally, the media was reporting that the shooter, 23-year-old Paul Anthony Ciancia, was an off-duty TSA agent. Eyewitnesses stated that the shooter was in body armor, dressed in blue, and appeared to be a TSA agent.


Now, the official story has flipped with the Establishment media now reporting that he was not a TSA agent and the narrative surrounding the melee is that the shooter had "anti-government" views, and wanted to kill cops and federal agents. Cue the gun grabbers. Rachet up the police state.


Another very noteworthy statement from the eyewitness in the video was the long delay in police response during the shooting, adding impact to the crisis. While the news anchors attempt to explain this delay away, one must keep in mind that this incident occurred at an airport — one of the most security-laden areas in the entire country. They routinely check for contraband of all kinds, and are generally very well equipped to deal with security problems. Were they ordered to stand down? Why the lag in the response time?


Just like the countless other false-flag incidents that have been orchestrated by mind-controlled government plants, this event blended fantasy and fiction as there was a Hollywood production taking place nearby in the next terminal at LAX. Before dismissing this synchronicity with a yawn, one might ponder the significance of a production called "Mad Men" being shot at an airport while a real life "mad man" shooting is taking place at the very next terminal. Can anyone say, drills going live? How many times have we seen this pattern?


At least the media conveniently now has more to talk about than endless war, NSA surveillance scandals, the broken-by-design ObamaCare website, and the soon-to-be increasing hunger problem in America.



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