Guns Save Lives

Guns Save Lives

The right to keep and bear arms boils down to the right to defend ones' self, their family, and property. Self-defense is a basic human right which cannot be rightfully encroached.

Guns will always be available to those who want to act illegally. If they were made illegal, that would create a black market where criminals would smuggle them. They can also be illegally manufactured from raw materials. So making guns illegal, will only serve to take them out of the hands of those that need them for self-defense — the law-abiding citizens.

Guns are used, every day, to stop robberies, burglaries, and acts of violent crime. You will never hear about these events on the mainstream (controlled) national media for two reasons:

1. Since the gunman was stopped early on, he was unable to victimize many people, if any at all, therefore it doesn't make for a good story for the sensationalist national news media. Remember, it only leads if it bleeds.

2. More importantly, the use of guns in the thwarting of violent crime doesn't fit the agenda of the national media to demonize guns by portraying them as evil tools to be used only in the slaughter of innocent people. Hence, stories making guns look good don't fit the template.

Guns are tools, which can be used for good or evil. The same hammer than can be used to bludgeon a person to death, can be used to build a house for a homeless person. It's time to quit blaming the tools and recognize that guns are used for benevolent purposes every single day. Many victims of crime that you will read about in these pages would not be alive today, had the "Gun Control" proponents had their way and firearms had been banned.

It is for this reason, we present this collection of documented, real-life stories of people using guns to save lives — a phenomenon which is far more common than the Gun Control proponents would have you believe. Link to this page. Share these stories. Don't allow the media to convince you to give up your God-given right to self-defense.

Darren Weeks
January 17, 2014

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Title Created Date
The Robber Turned His Gun on Mom; He Really Shouldn't Have Done That. May 13, 2019
Store clerk thwarts robbery attempt in Lexington, Kentucky May 12, 2019
Mobile, Alabama: 19-Year-Old Shoots 49-Year-Old Intruder who Threatened Him with Knife Mar 18, 2019
Trio of Troublemakers Stopped as Store Owner Opens Fire Jan 21, 2019
Fugitive Stopped by City Commissioner's Gun in Palmetto, Florida Jan 01, 2019
Homeowners Thwart Burglary Attempt in Lubbock, Texas Dec 30, 2018
Car Thief Gifted with Bullet on Christmas Dec 30, 2018
Robber Had a Knife. Jewelry Store Owner's Nephew Had a Gun. Dec 17, 2018
Attacked & Beaten, Pastor Chases Off Assailant with Gun Dec 08, 2018
Evicted Bar Patron Returns with Machete, Threatens Crowd, Is Stopped by Firearm Dec 07, 2018
SC Woman Hailed as 'Hero' After Shooting & Killing Intruder Dec 07, 2018
Plans of Vicious Clown Turned Upside Down May 28, 2018
AL: Armed Citizen lnvolved in Stopping Mass Shooting Feb 24, 2016
Springfield woman says gun rights saved her life Jan 05, 2016
Girl Shoots Mountain Lion in Self Defense Dec 07, 2014
Houston PD: Suspect shot twice by owner during home invasion Jan 17, 2014
14-Year-Old Opens Fire on Home Invaders Who Cut Power Before Kicking in Door Jan 17, 2014
Police: Victim shoots would-be robber who forced him to drive home Jan 17, 2014
First Homicide of 2014 Ruled Justifiable Jan 17, 2014
Chester robbery victim fatally shoots attacker Jan 17, 2014
Neighbor: East Allentown man traded shots with robbers before killing one Jan 17, 2014
Police say Louisville home invasion victim pulled gun, shot suspect Jan 17, 2014
Robbery attempt on St. Charles Avenue thwarted by victim’s concealed handgun, police say Jan 17, 2014

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