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Sunday, November 17th, 2019

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Police: Victim shoots would-be robber who forced him to drive home

CBS Atlanta News



Rebekka Schramm
CBS Atlanta
January 16, 2014


DEKALB COUNTY, GA (CBS ATLANTA) - DeKalb County police say a man who was in the process of being robbed managed to shoot one of his attackers before being shot himself.


* * *


Preliminary indications are that the 21-year-old victim was at a location on Candler Road when an unknown number of men forced their way into the victim's car and forced him to drive to his home on Boulderwoods Drive, Parrish said. Once at that location, the suspects demanded money.

The victim was able to arm himself and shot one of the suspects, Parrish said. One of the suspects returned fire, striking the victim. Both suspects fled, but one of the men collapsed in a neighbor's yard. The other suspect got away.

Police are not identifying either of the wounded men.





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