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Plans of Vicious Clown Turned Upside Down

Little Caesars Employee Defends Himself Against Brutal Attack


Scary clown mask with blood from the attacker on it. // Image: Holly Hills Police DepartmentDarren Weeks
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May 28, 2018


A vicious attack by an unnamed individual in a scary clown mask could have ended the life of a restaurant worker, but thanks to his ability to carry concealed, he was able to turn the tables on his attacker.


Security camera view of criminal in clown mask.Heriberto Feliciano was working the late shift at a Little Caesars pizza restaurant in Holly Hill, Florida. Shortly before midnight, after closing the restaurant down for the night and setting the building security system, Feliciano exited the building and was immediately and viciously attacked by a person in a clown mask with what appeared to be a baseball bat. A security camera inside the store caught the footage of the attack.

According to police, after the "wooden stick" broke, the attacker then pulled out a pair of scissors to continue assaulting Feliciano.

But, the delay gave Mr. Feliciano, who was on the ground at this point, enough time to pull out his gun and fire four or five rounds at close range on his attacker, killing him instantly.

Feliciano's father told WFTV-TV that the incident has had a profound impact upon him; he has had difficulty sleeping.

hollyhillpizza2However, because he was able to carry a gun for self defense, Mr. Feliciano is now recovering from his injuries while the individual who attacked him won't recover to attack anyone ever again.

The incident is yet another example among thousands of similar incidents that happen every day that don't receive widespread, if any, coverage in the national media. Officials called the crime "unusual for the area", apparently meaning that the attack occurred in an area that wasn't particularly noteworthy for violent crime. It proves, once again, that criminals can strike even in relatively safe places, at any time, and guns, in the hands of responsible, ordinary Americans, do save lives. We would not want to imagine how this story would have ended had Mr. Feliciano been banned from carrying a firearm by foolish gun control laws.


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