Darren Weeks

Notes from January 19, 2013 Preparedness Show

Darren Weeks
Coalition to Govern America
January 25, 2013

Thanks to all who participated in our broadcast last week. As we promised, we are including as many of the tips as we can that people suggested.

We noted that people who are city dwellers should consider exploring an alternate location. Have a plan and make sure that your family is aware of where to go in an emergency type situation. It is also a good idea to have an alternate meetup location, and strategize ahead of time how you will get there (routes that are the safest, etc.). Have a bug-out bag prepared and keep its contents continually updated. Your life, and that of your family’s could depend upon it.


Try to keep the weight of your bag as low as possible. 20 pounds or less would be ideal — especially, if you have to walk more than a couple of miles. The purpose of the bug-out bag is to get you to your destination. Should you need to do long-term camping, you will need more than a bug-out bag. Since you’re trying to keep the weight down, you will want to include items that are light-weight, but have multiple uses.

Here are some items you might consider including in your solid, well-constructed backpack. It’s okay to have some redundancy. The main thing is keep the weight down.

  • Weapon (firearm, ammo, knife) carefully hidden so to not call attention to yourself
  • Change of clothing — especially have comfortable and dry walking shoes and socks. Keep in sealed plastic bag to keep dry.
  • Water, water, water
    Filters are good, but you must first find water. Take at least a gallon of water with you. This will probably be the heaviest item in your bag — but arguably one of the most important. You can survive for days without food, but not water. Plus, you may need water for other purposes besides drinking.
  • Berkey Sport Bottle
  • Life Straw, available from MyPatriotSupply.com.
  • Shemagh scarf
    Good for cold weather conditions. In hot weather you can wet it, and use to keep the sun off or to keep you cool. Use as pot holder, if cooking. Could be used for a tourniquet, in the event of injury. Could be used to pre-filter water.
  • Food (very small amount — just enough carbs to get you to your destination)
    The more you eat, the more water you will need. Protein bars, energy packets.
  • Powerful flashlight (1,000 lumins) with spare batteries
    Search and rescue, illumination to find things in your bag and to find your way in your destination. In an emergency, the power might be out. You cannot count on street lights, etc.
  • Smaller backup flashlights with good batteries
  • Knife (Make it good quality knife)
    Boss Jack Knife (highly-recommended, good quality, a little expensive)
    Condor knife (more affordable, still good quality)
    Prying tool, scraping, digging, butchering, cutting
    Amore knife – small knife, more basic. Limited in amount of prying, might be adequate for the city.
  • 550 paracord
    Fix, tie together broken things.
  • Stainless steal bottle of water
    Could go directly into campfire to boil. Could be used as an improvised cooking container.
  • Mylar bags
    Emergency shelters (tents)
    Survival sleeping bags
  • Emergency poncho
  • Plastic garbage bags
  • Large plastic tarp
  • Collapsible respirator – Debris in air during terrorist attack, earthquake, etc.
  • Bar of soap
  • Baby wipes (package) – Clean injuries, wipe blood from wounds, hygiene very important
  • Extra cash in wallet (If bag will be left in car, don’t leave cash in bag)
  • Old cell phones with chargers – Most will still call emergency services, even if not activated.
  • Sun glasses that can double as safety eye protection
  • Matches and cigarette lighters
  • Multi-tool (Wingman, Leatherman – good quality)
  • Ink pen
  • Small plastic bags
  • Small and large ropes
  • Alcohol gel to sanitize hands, sterilize stuff and to start fires
  • Map of your area
  • Compass
  • Small transistor radio
  • Duct tape
  • Toilet paper
  • Toothbrush
  • Small First Aid kit
  • Small bag with passports, birth certificates, copies of other important papers and documents
  • USB Thumb drive (could contain copies of previous items)

Callers to the broadcast also suggested the following items. Obviously, not all of these will be for the bug-out bag:

  • E-tool for digging
  • Alligator clips
  • Gas mask
  • Bean sprouts
  • Cayan pepper (good for closing wounds)
  • Gold and Silver coins
  • Euros or some other alternate currency (in case dollar fails)
  • Box of 22s
  • Sling shot
  • Tri-hooks
  • Snares
  • Night vision
  • Bug nets
  • Super glue
  • Panty hose
  • Automatic Fish Reels
  • Water proof back pack
  • Wine bags
  • Small solar cell
  • Enhanced audio earmuffs
  • Olive colored/Camouflaged blankets on one side, mylar on the other side. Proposed instead of strictly mylar mentioned above
  • Hack saw
  • Utility belts
  • Latex gloves
  • Backwoodsman Magazine mentioned as a good source of info
  • Heat tabs
  • Kudzoo
  • Caller suggested knowing location of abandoned houses in case needed for emergency shelter.
  • Bark from willow tree (pain killer)
  • Dried goods, dehydrated, vacuum sealed
  • For heating & cooking: Aluminum coffee can with shortening
  • Packets of sugar, salt, bullion cubes
  • Portable fridge/freezer (Whynter)
  • Harbor Freight Solar Charge
  • Alternate energy under $1,400 – Tiger Claw Power Inverter – $200 a piece
  • MK Deep Cycle Gel solar battery
  • LCD Solar chargers
  • Instapark monocrystalline solar panels
  • For getting water when grid is down: Flojak PVC Pipe pump from flojak.com – PVC pipe, 2″ diameter, connected to check valve to prevent backflow of water.
  • Faraday cage to protect electronics
  • OfTheField.com – Recommended as a good source of info
  • americansurvivor.org – Another recommended source of info

We may update this list from time to time. Or else, anyone can register and leave your own comments, recommendations, and suggestions.

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