Darren Weeks

The Human Factor

Darren Weeks
Coalition to Govern America
March 30, 2014


Disappointment is something with which I've lived all of my life. You plan on things going a certain way, and rarely do they ever seem to turn out according to plan. From childhood, we form certain expectations — whether grounded in reality or not — as to how things should be. When we don't get our way, we throw a tantrum, whine, cry, moan, and complain until an adult, usually our parents, get tired of it and put an end to it.

After two or three decades, we usually become accustomed to the reality that life doesn't hinge upon our terms, that zigs and zags are a part of it, and we must either bend with its winds, or snap like a twig. Those, of course, are the options for the things that are beyond our control. There are, however, many things that are within our grasp to impact. For those things, there is the third and most important option of all: Resistance.

Most of America is undergoing a constant adjustment period. Call it a transformation. We've suffered layoffs due to economic downturns that have been deliberately engineered by politician sock puppets who never met an opportunity they didn't love to offshore jobs and insource foreign labor to take the few opportunities that still exist here, domestically. Technology has proven to be both a blessing and a curse. Social changes, starting in the tumultous 1960s, have fueled the purposeful decline of the American family, while forcing acceptance of unbelievable perversions that would have been unthinkable a half century ago. Young mothers think little of sacrificing their unborn babies upon the altars of convenience, and false feminism. There is a shift in society, away from compassion. We see it in the interaction the public has with each other; we see it in the vitriolic rhetoric of public discourse; we see it in the manner in which many have been treated by law enforcement; we especially see it among our public officials in government.

The western world finds itself upon a course that is shifting ever further away from its humanity. The very traits which define us as a people are becoming lost in a sea of ideologic nonsense. We are forced-fed contemporary value systems, and expected to adopt them without complaint or objection, despite the knowledge of their ill-conception and ultimate destructive consequences. Like a turtle, sheltering itself from a rainstorm, we withdraw to the short-term safety of our shell, as the encroaching change agents wreak their abuses upon all of the values which maintain decency, civility, and freedom.

America needs strong voices. Where are the good men and women? How is it that the stewards of honor and virtue are so easily silenced by a vocal, growing few? How did we allow our media industries to become overrun by the worst of debauchery? How did our schools and universities become installers of new social norms? How did we allow every position of power to fall to corruption? At what point did aggressive evangelism die? How did the clergy so freely surrender their Christian leadership to the tax-exempt gods of man? How is it that the men behind the pulpit sold their integrity for a shilling? Their souls for a Federal Reserve Note? 

 If there is a way back for a prodigal nation, it must begin at the House of God. For humanity only exists with morality, and morality stems from faith.



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