Darren Weeks

Hillary E-Mails and Pandora Politics

Pandoras boxDarren Weeks
Coalition to Govern America
August 16, 2016

Most are familiar with the story of Pandora, from Greek mythology, that opened a box out of curiosity, only to discover that its evil contents came flooding out and she wasn't able to close it. In the end, all she was left with at the bottom of the box was “hope”.

In 2007, the American people opened a “Pandora's box” expecting to find good things inside for themselves and their children's future. The Obama administration promised “hope” and “change”. Eight years after all of the change, we can only hope that the next administration won't be as bad as the last. We can hope; I wouldn't hold your breath.

We learned today from The Hill, that the State Department announced plans to release all of Hillary Clinton's work-related e-mails. There's just one catch...

The State Department will release all of the work-related emails that the FBI recovered from Hillary Clinton’s private system, the department confirmed in a recent court filing, eliminating the possibility that the messages will remain secret.

However, it remains unsettled whether the full set of emails will be out before the presidential election on Nov. 8. ...

The State Department has declined to set a timeline for releasing the emails, and a court conference to discuss the matter has been scheduled for Aug. 22. Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, has urged the department to release the emails before the November elections.

The State Department is practicing Pandora politics, adopting the Nancy Pelosi philosophy of we have to vote for it to find out what's in it — with the “it”, in this case, being a Hillary Clinton presidency. Except that we don't. We know too well what evil lurks inside. We are assaulted with examples, daily.

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