Darren Weeks

Prayers With Disclaimers

Darren Weeks
Coalition to Govern America
September 7, 2015

I wish that I could proclaim that, as a society, we've culturally hit rock-bottom. I wish that I could say that. Why do I say that I wish that I could proclaim we've hit bottom? It is because if that were true, at least we could maybe realize the ultimate end of all of the cultural Marxism that permeates our land, repent as a nation, and attempt to rebuild. I said "maybe" we could do that. Of course, without people realizing that all of the pandemonium was engineered for a purpose, I fear we are headed right into the trap of the controllers.

As with the economic meltdown, which we have been speaking about for years, a social collapse is also quickly on the horizon. It has been fostered by the "inflation" of false dialectical arguments. Race-baiting sociopaths use nice-sounding terms like "diversity" and "tolerance", to push policies that promote racial tension and intolerance. They keep stirring their pot of toxic witch's brew in their never-ending attempt to break down social norms, create strife, and ultimately chaos. A stable society has no need of rescue; an unstable society demands a savior. The architects' goal is to create as much turmoil, fear, and disorder as possible because out of chaos, they can engineer their order.

With revelations of gender confusion insanity being taken to an extreme, and people who stand on principle being jailed, viciously attacked, and made an example of, it is extremely apparent that the cultural Marxists who seek to deconstruct society have made huge headways!

Make no mistake about it. The recent stories about transgender "rights", which place pressure upon heterosexual people to surrender their rights, are a created dialectical storm. The goal of this media propaganda-created storm is social and societal chaos. If allowed to go unchecked, this poison will eventually seep into every pour of civilization, until you have nothing but a zoo. A jungle-like atmosphere will prevail and nothing will be able to function because someone might get their feelings hurt; someone might be offended; some tiny minority might not be addressed with the proper pronoun or adjective. Hence, we might disenfranchise the entire "normal" population, rob the rest of us of all of our rights, to accommodate what boils down to a mental illness, in my opinion. How can you tackle the great problems of society when you can't figure out which restroom to use?

This is exactly how the Hegelian dialectic works. They create a crisis, create their own opposition to the problem they engineered, then use it to steer society to their own pre-determined solution.

At the same time that our value systems and the traditional (dare I say "Christian"?) social order is being viciously, ruthlessly attacked and shredded, our historical heritage is being removed as well.

University of Texas President, Greg Fenves, recently ordered statues of Jefferson Davis and Woodrow Wilson to be removed from campus because they were no longer deemed to be politically correct. Imagine that! History doesn't fit the template of being acceptable fare for the minds of the next generation! Alas, that it seems to be too convenient an argument, when your goal is to re-shape society to your own making.

When you're lost, you need a roadmap. A roadmap shows you where you've been, in relation to where you are, presently. History is that roadmap. A people without their history is like a ship without a rudder. They re-write history to serve their own agendas.

It's kind of like when the global warming Chicken Littles proclaim that "this year is the warmest year on record!" Of course, what they don't tell you is that they've went back and destroyed all of the previous years' records that were warmer. Now, I know what you're thinking. Of course, "scientists" and universities would nevvv-er do anything like that, would they? Can anyone say "hockey stick"? How about "Climategate"?

The social engineers could never have swayed the population to go along with their plan without gaining control of the media. We have crossed the threshold from merely biased news anchors who deceive with twisted facts but who operate under the pretense of real journalism, to the post Smith-Mundt Act era, where crisis actors are hired to portray dramas on the TV "news" screens. Manufactured media events are now routinely passed off as real for the purpose of evoking an emotional reaction in the minds of the unsuspecting viewer. We now must view everything we see on the TV screen as a form of propaganda. Events that look real can and are being staged. Everything must be questioned. As David Lory VanDerBeek, who the media has done their best to marginalize, said:

"Do you remember when the government and media glorified private Jessica Lynch and made her into a female soldier icon for fight Iraqis when her companions were killed. In fact, the Pentagon worked with Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer to create movies allegedly based on real events like Lynch’s story that later proved utterly false. Hey kids, what do we call this? PROPAGANDA." 

Everything the media tells us must be questioned. With this in mind, I read a story today in the ongoing saga of Josh and Anna Duggar. He was one of the ones who was exposed as living a double life in the whole Ashley Madison debacle. She was attending a wedding and not looking very happy, according to the report. My heart went out to her and her family. I silently said a prayer for them that God would lift them up and get them through it. Then, realizing how effective the entire scenario was at painting Christians as stupid, hypocritical villains, I added as an afterthought, "assuming that all of this is real".

You know you're living in interesting times, when your prayers now have to come with disclaimers.

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