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Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

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Robin Williams: A Dissenting Opinion

I fully expect to catch a lot of grief from the dumbed down public on this post, but hey... popularity has never really been my "thing".


As tragic as Robin Williams' death may have been, it may have been worthy of a mention, at most. Period. He died at his own hand. There is no honor in committing suicide. We ought not hold up people as heroes who take their own life. What message does that send to children?


Furthermore, the entire world is going down in flames, and all the media can talk about is a comedian/movie star who made millions for himself distracting the American people from things that matter. As he was used by the Illuminists in his life, so is he being used by them in his death. Hollywood strokes itself, pats itself on the back, gives you all of your "heroes" and the American people suck it all up like a bunch of hungry lions. Distraction... distraction... distraction... business as usual for the slaves in the formerly free U.S.A.


Na-noo na-noo.



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