Darren Weeks

Continuity of Abuse

Darren Weeks
Coalition to Govern America
January 22, 2013

I didn’t bother watching the Obama inauguration. I get to the point where I am so sick of all of the absolute B.S. from these scumbag politicians, the lapdog media, and the arrogant and lying pundits, that I have to take a moment and step back to preserve my own peace of mind.

Anyone who has read my previous writings, or heard my broadcasts over the years, knows that I make no difference between one party to the next. I was not a fan of George W. Bush, even though I voted for him when he ran for his first term. Actually, I wasn’t really voting for him. Rather, I voted against his opponent, Al Gore. I knew how detrimental a Gore presidency would be for the nation. All we’d heard about for the previous 8 years from the media was Bill Clinton’s penis, while the communist Chinese made off with our military secrets, NAFTA made off with our industrial sector, and Clinton and Gore “reinvented” our government into a fascist corporatocracy — completely unrecognizable. I knew our country couldn’t stand four more years of Clinton/Gore.

Of course, George W. Bush was no better. He got into office and immediately engineered 9/11 so he could implement Rebuilding America’s Defenses (pdf) –  the Project for a New American Century report that his buddies Cheney, Lewis Libby, and the other neo-cons had drummed up as a roadmap for complete and utter U.S. hegemony over the Middle East. The subsequent War on Terror led to the beginning of the Bush doctrine of preemptive strikes and presumptive guilt, complete with our own Stasi-style “Homeland Security” department, designed to spy on everything we do, say, and buy. All for our “safety”, of course.

So as it turns out, it really doesn’t matter for whom you vote. The federal elections are rigged anyway. They always get their men into power. The people root on “their” team. But the people are in the bleachers — they are never allowed on the field.

With each passing Oval Office occupant, the hope of the people is that this president will be better than the last. Invariably, they are always worse — regardless of party. Each new president picks up, with the abuses, exactly where the previous president ended. Continuity-of-government? No, it’s continuity-of-abuse.

Given this reality, what are “We the People” to do in the quest to preserve what little rights we have left, and in the hope of restoring that which has been lost to contemporary tyrants and their “elected” sock puppets? There are many who are offering “solutions” which will accomplish nothing, but maybe create the illusion for those who participate that they are making a difference. One of my biggest efforts has been to derail the purveyors of false hopes, and refocus the people’s attention on the only areas that really matter. If we are going to make a difference in this world, we have to start from a standpoint of reality.

And just what is that reality?

First, we have to accept the fact that the federal government is a behemoth that his out of control. Those who occupy it, whether they are genuinely elected or not, don’t care about your views, your wealth, your well-being, or your future. They represent themselves first, and their corporate donors second. Never let it be said that we don’t have representative government. They’re just not representing you.

So it’s time to face the reality that it does absolutely no good whatsoever to call Congress. They’re not going to listen to you. They don’t care what you think. In their world, you don’t matter. You’re welcome to keep trying, but you might as well go bang your head against a tree some place, because you’ll have about the same result, in the end.

The real fortification of power that still remains with the people is the exercise of states’ rights. The federal government dumps all kinds of money into the states to get them to comply with federal “mandates” and to pass implementing legislation through their legislatures. Why would they bother wasting the time and resources to do this, if federal law applied to each of the several states? So states are a real battleground, which has been grossly neglected by the People. If we would get organized on a state level and work together to bombard state lawmakers when measures were being passed federally, we could get them to nullify every attack the federal government makes upon our freedom. We don’t have to live under tyranny. The Founding Fathers, as flawed as they may have been, having given us all the tools we need, if we would only use them.

Some might argue that the states that have tried to go against the feds have ended up being sued. My answer to that is, so what? States can simply refuse to be dragged into federal court. They don’t have to comply with federal judges. The states are sovereign. When they go into federal court, they are recognizing federal jurisdiction. It’s like negotiating with a thief who has already stolen your valuables on what price he will pay for them. Through the states, the People have the ability to pressure Congress, also. Having the states petition Congress carries a lot more clout that some individual calling Washington D.C. and begging them to listen to you.

The second area that is grossly neglected is in our cities and towns. I’ve spoken for years about the dangers of United Nations’ Agenda 21 program for “sustainable” development. Without getting too far into the details right now, Agenda 21 is a program that is designed to micro-manage all life on planet earth. But it’s tentacles reach down into every community throughout America and, ultimately, the world.

People need to learn about Agenda 21, get a copy of your local Comprehensive Plan for land use, and see what is planned for your property and your community. You can usually find it on the Internet. Then, apply the appropriate pressure to your city council members. If they won’t listen, then you need to increase your numbers. If you get enough outraged people together, they’ll have to listen. If not, remove the council members from office. Replace them with council members who will listen to you. Refuse to take “no” for an answer. Remember, defeat is not an option. Never give up.

If we would spend the necessary time focusing on things that must be done, we stand a much greater chance at preserving and restoring freedom for future generations.

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