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Important Message About Govern America for August 6th, 2016 (Updated)

Update:  Our streams are back up again, but we still have the connectivity issues at our studio location that effectively prohibit us from doing a live broadcast at this time. For this week, I have taken the time to edit together an encore presentation of two different interviews we did back in 2013. The original message from earlier follows...


Dear Listeners,


Those of you who were listening last week may remember that I came on the air 15 minutes late due to connectivity issues, surrounding interference on my DSL lines. To make a long story short, a storm had caused static on the lines and we argued with the phone company to get them to come out and fix the problem. They were supposed to take care of the problem a week ago.

Flash forward to today, we are still dealing with this problem three weeks after the problems began. We are now told they will be out Monday.

I have been trying to limp along by going back and forth with the DSL, when available, and Internet via the cell towers. The cell tower is not a good solution either because is a weak signal and, at times, doesn't work well or maybe even at all.

To top it all off, the company that runs our automation system which I use to program the streams is having technical trouble and is currently unreachable. This means our streams are now offline. 

 The bottom line is that until all of these technical problems are resolved, I'm not going to be able to do the show. Last Saturday, we were able to pull a rabbit out of our hat and by some miraculous occurrence, pull off a show, even if it began 15 minutes late. With our automation provider offline, the stream wouldn't be stable enough, if we were able to get one up at all. I am therefore cancelling the August 6th show and we'll shoot for the following week — August 13th. Hopefully, by then, the myriad of connectivity problems that we are currently facing will be resolved.

Thank you for your understanding and your patience, but I really am trying.

Darren Weeks

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