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Yelling at a Ground Squirrel as we're Eaten by a Dragon: China Steals 20 Million Security Clearances as Russia is Villainized

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August 7, 2017


As the media, politicians, and think tank spooks that help formulate U.S. foreign policy actively work to push the U.S. closer to the next world war, real threats to our national security are going completely unreported.

The U.S. media has focused the public's attention, almost exclusively, on the bogus story that Russia is responsible for hacking the U.S. elections. I call it "bogus" because it is an allegation that, to date, we have seen absolutely zero emperical evidence to back. Instead, all we've had, thus far, are allegations from some individuals from within the intelligence establishment who say things like, the hacking activity is "consistent with the patterns" of the Russians, while asserting strongly that the evidence is "undeniable". It is a classic case of repeating a lie often enough until it becomes accepted as fact.

Setting aside the obvious truth that the United States routinely meddles into the affairs of other sovereign countries, determining the real source of a hack is often very difficult, if not impossible. Anyone that tells you differently is lying. IP addresses can be, and often are, spoofed through the use of proxies. When it comes to accusations, the burden of proof is on those who are making them, and there has been nothing offered in the way of real proof that they have been able to show us that Russia hacked anything. We do have a lot of unbacked claims by the media and intelligence agents — many of whom are the media — that there was collusion by the Trump administration or his associates. Claims are not evidence.

While I view Donald Trump to be his own worst enemy, as he seems to be lacking a certain amount of impulse control, there does appear to be a significant effort to undermine him. Trump took a more conciliatory tone toward Russia than the Obama administration, and especially the war-hungry Hillary Clinton. We have seen this effort to undermine him take the form of the ridiculous "pee dossier" controversy, widely touted by the spooks in the establishment media. Despite the dossier being discredited, it was still used by the FBI under mis-director James Comey to conduct its Russian "investigation".

All of the drama and controversy amounts to a massive smokescreen propaganda campaign, which, we can only assume, is designed to pave the way for war, while undermining any efforts by the president to stand in the way. Let's not be naive here. It is the intelligence establishment that runs the United States. They are everywhere, in all positions of influence.

Hence, to go to war on an allegation that the Russians hacked or "tried to influence" our elections, the evidence needs to be much stronger than the word of the intelligencia, many officials of which are joined at the hip with the military-industrial complex and stand to gain big from a wide-scale conflict. Yet, these operatives expect us to just suck up everything they spew out, like a brand-new Kirby. "Trust us," they'll say.

The American people trusted them when they sent their sons off to fight and die in Afghanistan because that was where the George W. Bush administration claimed the Al-Qaeda and Taliban bogeymen were hiding. There also happened to be a needed route for a new Unocal oil pipeline hiding there too.

Similarly, the American people trusted the intelligence establishment when they allowed the George W. Bush administration to convince them that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction and was a threat to the world. How did that work out? The weapons were never found, Hussein was removed from power, and the United States has paid for it ever since in terms of trillions of dollars and untold numbers of lives.

Now, ever the snake oil salesmen, they're back to sell us new nightmares, new bogeymen, new war theaters, new killing fields, new conflicts, new miseries and sacrifice. Haven't we had enough? How many families with empty seats at their tables and gaping holes in their hearts are enough to quench these war-lusting psychopaths' insatiable appetite for blood money?

But While Russia is being built up to be the next menace to mankind, genuine threats to our national security are being completely ignored. Recently, the Aspen Institute held a discussion on the subject of “Congress’ Role in the Making and Execution of National Security Policy in the Trump Era”, where a bombshell revelation was casually unveiled. The entire context was the, as of yet, completely unproven Russian meddling in the U.S. elections and the need for "consequences" for the Kremlin's alleged actions. Congressman Mac Thornberry, who is the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, referred to his classified meeting with the "Gang of Eight" where they discussed Russia. It was in this context that he stated the following:


"I can just tell you from my perspective what I said and that was that we should call them out very clearly. Because it wasn't kind of an iffy, grey area. And I haven't seen real consequences in the whole cyber arena too. What was the consequences to China, stealing 20 million security clearances? I was in Tom Bossert's office in the situation room talking about what can we do, in the future, to stop that kind of bad behavior from North Korea, from Iran, from China and Russia?"

As I asked on our August 5th edition of Govern America, where is the media coverage about the communist Chinese stealing 20 million of our U.S. security clearances? Why isn't Robert Mueller investigating this? This is an apparent reference to the hack of the Office of Personnel Management database, which was mentioned briefly in the media, but received very little coverage compared to the wild, non-stop hysteria over Russia. Assuming their assessment that the Chinese were really responsible for the OPM hack — highly likely, but again, difficult to emphatically prove — where are the sanctions for Beijing? Isn't it more important to our national security that a foreign power not be allowed to steal over 20 million security clearances than to "influence" a presidential election?

The OPM database hack came to light in 2015 and received only a spattering of media attention, but it was a massive compromise of secrets which, we are told, ended up in the hands of the communist Chinese. Quoting from the Washington Post, July 9, 2015 (emphasis added):


Two major breaches last year of U.S. government databases holding personnel records and security-clearance files exposed sensitive information about at least 22.1 million people, including not only federal employees and contractors but their families and friends, U.S. officials said Thursday.

The total vastly exceeds all previous estimates, and marks the most detailed accounting by the Office of Personnel Management of how many people were affected by cyber intrusions that U.S. officials have privately said were traced to the Chinese government.

But even beyond the rising number of apparent victims, U.S. officials said the breaches rank among the most potentially damaging cyber heists in U.S. government history because of the abundant detail in the files. Officials said hackers accessed not only personnel records of current and former employees but also extensive information about friends, relatives and others listed as references in applications for security clearances for some of the most sensitive jobs in government.

It is a very big deal from a national security perspective and from a counterintelligence perspective,” FBI Director James B. Comey said at a meeting with reporters Thursday at the FBI headquarters. “It’s a treasure trove of information about everybody who has worked for, tried to work for, or works for the United States government.”


The fact that we are hearing nothing in the media about this monumental breach and subsequent loss of highly sensitive data, purportedly to a country which has repeatedly threatened us militarily, puts the lie to the notion that the media, and intelligence agencies that feed them, give any concern to national security. Given the massive scope of what the OPM database hack entailed, the Putin conspiracy theory would be laughable, were it not so deadly serious. They say that the first casualty of war is the truth. The truth is the propagandists, referring to themselves as "journalists" yell about a ground squirrel, as we're being eaten by a dragon.


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