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Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

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Once again the Global Warming / Climate Change alarmists are proven wrong by reality. We are having one of the harshest winters in recent history, here in south-central Michigan. I snapped a shot of my outdoor thermometer on Thursday evening / Friday morning. This was the overnight temperature. The official reading from the county airport in town was -19. Our temps out in the rural areas tend to be colder than the cities, so this was the temperature without a wind chill.

Digital thermometer shows a reading of -25 degrees Fahrenheit

I don't see a whole lot of Global Warming in that number. I'm always grateful when I don't have to go outside, except to grab another log or two to throw on the fire.


Here is the only "warming" that is really happening — and yes, Mr. Gore, this is indeed anthropogenic. ;)

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