Darren Weeks

Road Closures with Military MRAP Vehicles Come to Jackson, Michigan

Darren Weeks
Coalition to Govern America
August 2, 2015

There is an increasing trend for military police presence in all aspects of life throughout the entire country. It seems that every place we turn, we are seeing military vehicles making their presence, sometimes in the strangest of places, and without any apparent reason. It appears there is a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) effort to condition the public to become accustomed to seeing military police and their armored vehicles in civilian places.

Sadly, my home town of Jackson, Michigan is not exempt. Jackson is a small, southern Michigan town of about 33,400 people.

Yesterday, while getting some supplies with family members, I spotted a road block on W. Argyle Street, right next to the Hunt Elementary School. Road closures are not unusual this time of year, as there are many places in town that are subject to road repairs, utility work, and for other reasons. However, there was no apparent sign that any such activity was underway. There was an eerie quiet as what I saw, gave me a very unsettled feeling.


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We have been watching the encroaching militaristic police state advance for years. This is yet another sign that things are not right in America. In our little town, military vehicles are rarely spotted in the streets, unless they are in a parade, or being transported to some specific place. Usually, then, they're either on the highway, or on their way to the highway. To my knowledge, they have never been used to patrol, and they're not used to close roads. That is, until now.

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