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It's Not Over, Until It's Overcome: Roger Mundy, A Living Legacy



I first heard of Roger Mundy when he was a guest of Jackie Patru's on her Sweet Liberty shortwave broadcast back in the 1990s. He led an organization called the Kansas Tenth Amendment Society that fought vehemently for states rights and sovereignty. Roger was a workhorse, and a champion of the People, instructing their state elected officials, who are to then "re-present" the People to the Congress.

Roger would make regular trips to his state capitol and educate his legislators on their Constitutional role of asserting their authority to reign in the federal government. Occasionally, he found it necessary to remind an arrogant, belligerent legislator who it is for whom they work. On the rare moments the need would arise, he could be very firm in making the point clear to the offending legislator that they work for the People, and that the office, to which they had been entrusted, did not belong to them. Legislators who had the well-being of the People in mind came to welcome Roger and his group's input on specific issues. Roger once famously addressed the legislative body by telling them, "You probably think we're here to take your power away; we're actually here to give you your power back." He then would explain to them how the federal government operates to usurp the rights of the states and how they could, Constitutionally, reclaim their rights. Once legislators began to learn, they began to appreciate his efforts and that of his organization.

When the enemies of our Republic attempted to undermine the rights of the People by pushing a Constitutional Convention, Roger was part of the nationwide effort of unsung heroes who fought like hell, without any compensation, to get it stopped. When they tried again, years later, disguising it as a "Conference of the States", it was Roger who figured out that the COS was just another backdoor attempt at doing the same thing. They all fought it again, and again they defeated it.

When I began patriot broadcasting, back in 2004, I contacted Roger to be a guest on my broadcast. Over the years, our conversations grew more frequent, he became a regular guest on my broadcasts, as well as one of my dearest friends and closest confidants. He truly felt like a member of my family.

He was a gifted speaker, with extensive knowledge of history and law. I once marveled when he completely tore down the argument of a very hostile caller to our radio broadcast, then proceeded to build the caller up, concluding by honoring the caller for the sincerity of his belief. The hostility melted away, as the disarmed caller was so flattered, he thanked Roger! That's the gift of Roger Mundy.

I was on a call Saturday afternoon, when a another call came in from Roger's number. Not wanting to be rude to the person to whom I was speaking, I decided to call Roger back, after I had concluded my conversation. Then a voicemail came in from Sherry, Roger's wife. I was stunned. Roger had passed away in his sleep on Friday, October 17th. He was 64, and he took a part of many of us with him.

Several months earlier, Roger had been working on an old building, attempting to fix the roof, when suddenly the structure had given way, and he fell through the roof. He survived the fall, quite remarkably, with the stride of an alley cat, actually landing on his feet! On the way down and immediately afterward, however, he inhaled no small quantity of air, filled with some of the worst mold and debris imaginable. Despite Sherry's best efforts at nursing him back to good health, his lungs never recovered from the assault. The last time I spoke to him, was about a week to two weeks ago when I called to check on his condition. I fully expected to find him on the mend; I was very disappointed that he could barely speak.

Learning of his passing, I thought of all of the plans we had made. There were many projects that had been in the works. He and I had planned to produce a podcast together. We were attempting to think of a good name for it. Roger was also working on uncovering the true meanings of our nation's founding documents. Sadly, none of those projects will now come to fruition.

In the many melancholy moments, following the news of a loved one's passing, you reflect upon the person and what their lives represented. For Roger, it was an undying commitment to truth, principle, and above all — faith.

Faith in an Almighty God who was worthy of our gratitude, regardless of any circumstance. Faith in a Republic, despite its numerous slices of treachery and deceit, that it could be pieced back together again by a principled People, if only they would become aware of their power. Faith that nothing was impossible, regardless of how hopeless the situation may seem. That faith — which he wrapped in a very simple package — has been the source of much inspiration for this writer: "It's not over, until it's overcome."

Hence, we are left to pick up the pieces and to carry on, having been made richer with the insights, memories, and legacy that have come from knowing the gift that was the life of Roger Mundy.

God bless you, sir. Take your place among the angels, at our Master's feet, in that land where no sorrow or pain can enter. Row your boat ashore, on the other side of Jordan's chilly river. Drop your anchor in that hallowed harbor and rest among the saints. Your work on earth is done; the celebration of your homecoming commences. It is a well-earned graduation.


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