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Free at last? Who are you kidding?

Darren Weeks
Coalition to Govern America
August 28, 2013


I was perusing the Drudge Report today to get my daily dose of the war-like horror freak show that has become the American empire and its fearless criminals. My hope was that I could find some really intelligent, profound, and inspiring insight about our country, our people, and our place in the world. Notice I didn't say our "leaders". There could never be anything inspiring about this group of criminal thugs and bullies who care nothing about human life, or — for that matter — the country they were supposedly elected to serve.

 First stop: Syria. We learn that intelligence intercepts have "proven" that Assad used nerve gas. Let's see... we're trusting the intelligence agencies and the officials who run them — the very same people who are trying to send us to war — to tell us the truth? The very same upstanding people who couldn't tell the truth about whether they were listening in on the American people's telephone conversations and reading their e-mails, are now going to tell you the truth about Assad? Good luck with that one. Can anyone say Saddam Hussein, Weapons of Mass Destruction, or Iraq? I've seen this movie before; I know the ending. It isn't good.

 Of course, the conflict in the Middle East isn't the only war being promoted. The "Powers That Be" appear desperate in their efforts to start our own civil war in the United States.

 After their tireless Martin/Zimmerman race-baiting failed to successfully produce a race war, we now have an event in Washington to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of Martin Luther King's famous speech. OK fine. Commemorate if you wish.


But I'd be willing to wager that not a word will be mentioned at the rally about the Federal Reserve bank, the ongoing criminal theft of our property rights, our water, the willful and deliberate pollution of our air via endless chemtrailing campaigns, the degradation of our food supply through genetic manipulations and Monsanto poisons, the complete destruction of our economy via endless and varied "Free Trade" agreements, the smart grid, smart meters, smart cars, smart highways, or smart growth. These so-called civil rights "leaders" love to talk about the police mistreating their people. What about the rest of us? And why don't you tell your people about the fusion centers that pepper this country like a cancerous wound that grows and festers until it kills the host? Free at last? Let freedom ring? Really? How about we start with a little honesty, guys. Is it really about "freedom" from slavery, or is it about grinding America's face in a past that has become less and less relevant to the present?

 The truth is that we're all a bunch of slaves now, regardless of skin color, and it's only going to get worse. We're all in various stages of poverty, save a bunch of multi-national corporate CEOs and the politicians that are in their pockets. So at what point does all of this commemorating serve to only deepen the wounds and continue the divide along racial lines? At what point does the movement to remember, become the obstacle to us forgetting — and healing?

 And after this event is over, February is right around the corner. That's black history month. Another opportunity to shove race down your throat. Another opportunity to grind your nose in the most primitive and pathetic excuse for strife. Divide and conquer. They preach diversity, while creating division.

 So I guess the United States has more in common with the peoples of the Middle East and the rest of the world than we first thought. We are bullied by self-righteous, hypocritical scumbag "leaders" who have become filthy rich from the fruit of our labors, and who are keen on creating divisions, strife, conflict, terrorism, and wars to distract us so that we never realize that it is they who are our real enemies. The truth is that pretty much every race has had its chance at being a slave at one time or the other in history. There's no more time for pity parties.

 We're now at a crossroads: Either we will stand together as one people — or we will continue to be thrust into endless wars, slaughter, bloodshed, rape, killing, and economic destitution by hopeless money junkies and certifiable monster psychopaths in expensive business suits, getting rich off the business deals they enjoy from funding both sides of every conflict.

 Talk about freedom, or be free. Do diversity, or whine about how mistreated you've been in the past while the rest of us — along with you — all go down in chains. The choice is yours, comrade worker.



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