Darren Weeks

An Open Letter to the Justice Department Regarding 'Big Tech' Censorship of Alex Jones, et al.

book-burningDarren Weeks
Coalition to Govern America
Transmitted to the Department of Justice of the United States
August 7, 2018 / 5:05PM Eastern Daylight Time


I am writing today in regards to the ongoing censorship of the big technology companies, YouTube/Alphabet, Facebook, Apple, Spotify, Tune-In, and Twitter, against free speech. Their recent actions constitute a threat to the open Internet. I am officially requesting a Justice Department investigation into these practices.

While I understand that these are private companies with their own platforms, together they comprise a huge percentage of Internet traffic. If they were acting alone to censor viewpoints on just their own websites or platforms, then I wouldn't be writing this request. That would be their right.

However, I have reason to believe that there exists collusion among these companies to censor certain viewpoints. For example, talk show host Alex Jones had his accounts censored or cancelled by Apple, YouTube, and Facebook all in the same day! This was right on the heels of Spotify deleting his podcasts. Then, today, August 7th, 2018, Tune-In joined in.

I included Twitter because they too have been engaging in mass online censorship of conservative viewpoints. I believe these efforts are geared at influending the mid-term elections and beyond.

The founders gave us the First Amendment to protect us against government censorship. When private companies become so powerful that they work together to squash freedom of speech, the end result is the same. Instead of government doing it, you have large corporations doing it. If this isn't stopped, where will it end? Will they go after our web hosting companies to ban our private websites?

Understand that I am not an Alex Jones fan or groupie. There are some things Mr. Jones says that I find outrageous. But non-controversial free speech doesn't need protection. It is the controversial and perhaps outrageous speech which is exactly the reason the First Amendment exists.

Unless something is done, I fear that the day is quickly coming when large corporations will completely control all speech on the Internet.



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