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Biden's Inauguration Security: A Simple Solution for a Simple Man

biden-drawnDarren Weeks
Coalition to Govern America
January 11, 2021


The DC mayor is asking for more security for Status Quo Joe's inauguration event. In the spirit of being "solutions-oriented", there is a simple answer to this problem. 

Judging by the miniscule turnout to Status Quo Joe's rallies prior to the stolen election, it is clear that the historic event could neatly be tucked into Joe's basement bunker. He obviously feels very comfortable there, as is evidenced by the months he spent there, when any candidate who had to win an election on their merits, would have been out busily campaigning.

The basement bunker would be a nice, warm, quiet, secure place for the old geezer to put his hand on the Bible — one of the few times he has ever touched the holy book — and recite the oaths that he will inevitably flub, and has no intention of ever keeping.

I am sure that president-by-theft Biden could have his supporters, overwhelmingly comprised of those who work in the journalistic profession, connect to the proceedings by Zoom. That way, they could witness the codger-in-chief swear to solemnly uphold and defend everything he hates and intends to destroy — all from the comfort of their heated satellite uplink trucks. Biden's primary voting constituency, aside from all of the dead, would then be able to have their notepads in hand, marking down video time codes and writing their scripts about what a wondrous, historic day the swearing in turned out to be.

As First Lady-by-theft Jill wipes the drool off of the kid kisser's face, their chief supporters will opine about how marvelous a day it is; the dark night of the Trump era has passed. They will sing the songs of unity and healing, even as they condemn the "racist terrorists" and "Nazis" on the Right who "stormed the capitol" in an effort to get their unheard grievances about election fraud addressed. A fair vote? Who needs that when your side is the one that won? Integrity of the process? Puh-leeze! What century do you think you are in, anyway?

How dare those crazed and scary gun-toting, Right-Wing religious zealots protest and break windows at the capitol building! Do they not understand that breaking and destroying buildings, setting things on fire, beating people up in the street, and engaging in violent assaults on law enforcement are the exclusive domain of the commies on the Left?

To be clear, I don't condone violence, regardless of what the ideology is behind it.

But in the mindset of the Left, these "Deplorables" must all be held accountable for ever supporting that mean orange-skinned blowhard who bellowed the hateful slogan of "Make America Great Again". Why would anyone ever want to "Make Great" a country that has been responsible for ending slavery, providing opportunity to all races, lifting untold millions out of poverty and facilitating more freedom than any other nation in history? 

No, America must be destroyed and the destroyers are now in charge.

The police must be "defunded" — except the capitol police who are there to protect the Plutocracy's Hill hookers. For them, the budget is limitless. There are no budgetary bounds to prevent them from bringing in uniforms in riot gear and machine gun-wielding military warriors to protect themselves — the corrupt Congress critters — from those whom they "represent". You might call it "privilege".

Regardless of where it is held, the inauguration will move forward. Security will be high, but the swearing-in will be done. And for the next four years, it will be down with the red hats, and up with the Reds.



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