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Trump Supports Gun Control — When Will The “Sheeple” Learn?

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June 16, 2016

It never ceases to amaze me how the patriot crowd just keep falling for the same con jobs over and over again. These are the people who pride themselves, often arrogantly so, to be some the best and brightest people on earth, belittling the “dumbed down” population as nothing more than bleating “sheeple”.

Hi there, Pot — let me introduce you to my good friend, Kettle. I'm sure you two will get along real good.

When it comes to presidential candidates, patriots just can't seem to quit with the hero worship, sometimes in the face of overwhelming evidence that “their guy” is not who he claims to be. In other words, “their guy” won't stand up for the Constitution, won't stand up for our rights, and won't keep his word. When confronted with the evidence, the response is always the same — “well, he's still better than...” fill in the blank. In other words, they say “their guy” is the lesser of two evils and we should support him because he will slow down the slide to the abyss.

That is the strategy that good people have been following for decades. How is it working for us? The Republicans have turned out to be just about as bad as the Democrats as far as spending is concerned. They've controlled both houses of Congress and continued to pass trillion dollar budgets each year. The EPA, the Interior Department, the ATF, and all of the other alphabet soup agencies continue to terrorize the American people and sap every bit of wealth from us. The IRS continues its reign of fiscal terror. The Federal Reserve continues its money monopoly.

Let's talk about banking corruption. How many bankers have been put on trial, prosecuted and hang in public squares all across this nation for the crimes that they've perpetrated upon the American people? Absolutely zero. Zilch. Nada. El zippo. Not one.

I could go on and on, but I think you get my point. Or do you? Your heroes are selling you out, yet you keep on supporting them because you somehow still believe that they will do what they say.

Now we have Donald Trump meeting with the NRA, who endorsed him, to explain why he's going to sell their membership out and stab them in the back because of the false flag event in Orlando — which was full of holes, by the way. For details on that, see my videos on the subject here and here.

Regardless of whether Orlando, or any other mass shooting event was real, the answer is not disarming the American people. The “solution” that is being pushed to this crisis is a “No Buy” list. Patterned after the “No Fly” list, this would be a black list of people that would not be allowed to purchase firearms if they were found to be on a terrorist watch list. While this may sound reasonable on the surface, how many people have been added to the “No Fly” list that have no connections with any terrorist group, organization, act, or even terrorist rhetoric? I have a one word answer for you: many.

Furthermore, a “No Buy” list could be a back door way of implementing full gun control, while suppressing political enemies. We've already seen the Internal Revenue Service being used, repeatedly by different administrations, as a political weapon. If someone speaks out too much, they can find themselves audited by the IRS. It isn't a stretch to imagine how a “No Buy” list would be used in the exact same way. Ask too many questions, post too many “conspiracy theories”, get a little bit too loud in your opposition to what the administration in office is doing, and you just may find yourself with no right to purchase firearms.

It is this very scenario that Donald Trump should be arguing against and making the case as to why we have a Second Amendment. What is Trump doing, instead? Here is a quote from a Reuters article, out today, with the headline: Senators, Trump open to ban on some gun sales after Orlando:

U.S. senators signaled on Wednesday a new willingness to consider restrictions on the sale of guns after the Orlando nightclub massacre, with presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and others in his party ready to discuss limited gun control measures.

With Republicans and the National Rifle Association gun lobby under pressure to respond to the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history, Trump said he would meet with the NRA to discuss ways to block people on terrorism watch or no-fly lists from buying guns.

In other words, Trump is supporting Gun Control! Anyone and everyone can be added to a terrorist watch list. Are we “sheeple” enough to believe that the gun grabbing politicians in Washington D.C. and across America are honorable enough to only place real terrorist threats on that list? Are we “sheeple” enough to believe that such a list will prevent real terrorist threats from obtaining weapons to conduct their acts of murder and treachery against the population? Isn't the first argument of pro- Second Amendment people that if you ban guns from criminals, only the criminals will have guns?

There is no such thing as “limited” Gun Control measures. The Second Amendment is not for sale. Any politician that compromises on this issue is not worth your support for public office.

But it gets even worse! From the Huffington Post, a few days ago, we read:

Donald Trump on Monday proposed punishing Americans if they don’t turn in their friends and neighbors for behaving suspiciously.

“In San Bernardino, people knew what was going on, they knew exactly, but they used the excuse of racial profiling for not reporting it,” Trump said during a speech in the wake of the Orlando mass shooting. 

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee was presumably referring to unverified reports that a woman who lived near the mother of one of the San Bernardino shooters had noticed that the family received “quite a few packages within a short amount of time, and they were doing a lot of work out in the garage.”

A man who claimed to be friends with this neighbor said she did not report the packages and the behavior to authorities because she “didn’t want to do any kind of racial profiling.”

In Trump’s America, however, that woman would face serious consequences. “We need to make sure every single person involved in this plan, including anyone who knew something, but didn’t tell us, is brought to justice,” Trump said in New Hampshire. “These people need to have consequences, big consequences.”

Trump failed to mention that many of the San Bernardino shooters’ neighbors described them as “quiet, religious people who didn’t attract attention or suspicion.”

Welcome to Nazi America, where you had better rat out your neighbors or else. Still think the lesser of two evils is the way to go? Do you still want to pick which poison you will drink?

How about, instead, making your voice and efforts potentially count for something? How about instead of pushing presidential or Congressional candidates that keep stabbing you in the back, you get to work organizing a group of like-minded people on the state and local level where you might be able to still preserve some of the rights you are losing? Much of the assaults on our rights and Constitution could be thwarted on a state level, if good people would take notice and get active.

What I'm saying here is, quit being sheeple! Quit placing your hope in federal politicians, given to you by the Establishment. If you continue to act like sheep, you will be consumed by the wolves.


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