Darren Weeks

Vegas Shooting: An Inside Job?

Darren Weeks
Coalition to Govern America
October 12, 2017


There are many questions that I have about the official story of the Las Vegas shooting.

As we covered on last Saturday's Govern America, police scanner audio seemed to strongly indicate that there were multiple shooters, both on the ground, possibly on other floors of the Mandalay Bay hotel, and possibly at other locations around the city.


Regarding the possibility of shooters on the ground, one of the officers radioed that there was gunfire coming from Gate 7 of the concert venue. Furthermore, video evidence seems to back up the statement that there were shooters on the ground. If you go a few minutes into this video, it appears to show a man wearing a vest raising a gun and firing into the crowd.



In the scanner audio, there was also a report of a pickup truck peeling off and racing down the road. That report was radioed in by one of the officers on the ground. Why wasn't the driver pursued? Was someone making a get away?

Then, we have the strange issue of Steve Wynn's appearance on Fox News. Wynn is an executive of Wynn Resorts and he was asked what kind of security measures his outlet was putting in place in the aftermath of the shooting. He said that his resort would never allow anyone into a service elevator without an escort. The host picked right up on that asking if Paddock did access a service elevator? Wynn backpedaled a moment, saying that he didn't know, but then proceeded to double down on his comment, insisting again that no one would ever be allowed into the "back room" of his hotel without supervision.



The whole incident makes me think that Steve Wynn knows more than he is saying. If he didn't know the shooter or shooters used a service elevator, or had access to parts of the hotel that would only be accessible to employees, then why bring it up? Was the Vegas shooting an inside job? Did someone at the hotel help the perpetrators of this mass shooting?

The reason why this is important is because the question of how Steve Paddock got all of the guns and ammo up to the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel without being detected has been widely posed, with many insisting the he couldn't have possibly acted alone.


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