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Save the Planet — Kill Yourself?

grave-ripDarren Weeks
May 19, 2007

We are told that over-population is the greatest threat facing planet earth. Daily, we are given lectures of how we humans are screwing up the environment, damaging the earth's "fragile" eco-system, killing the birds, and polluting the air and water. Forked-tongued politicians, finger-wagging bureaucrats, and a choir of "green" organizations moan an off-key chorus of alarm about the human "footprint" on earth.

We are blamed for over-fishing the seas, deforestation of wooded areas, droughts and desertification, wildfires and floods. We cause congestion in the cities, sprawl in the suburbs, and terrorize the creatures in the countryside. It is obvious from what we're told, Americans have no place in the world and the world is better off without us.

We drive too much, eat too much, breathe too much and throw away too much. We are living too large, we take up too much space, we are too rich, we've become too fat, and we have too many children.

Every day, and in every way, we are evil. We kill, we destroy, we pollute, we intrude. We are the scourge of "Mother Earth", and the warts on Gaia's backside.

This is the message that is being declared from the halls of government, academia, tax-exempt foundations, and the Establishment-controlled media. Never before has it ever been clearer that not only are we unfit stewards of the land and its natural resources, we literally are not worthy to breathe the air.

As a matter of fact, with the recent Supreme Court decision that declared carbon dioxide a "pollutant" that must be regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency, we are officially damaging the planet by doing nothing else than breathing.

At the same time the venom of elite-driven hatred spews forth from every channel of propaganda, we have bacteria being added to our lunch meat and fluoride added to our water supply. We have foreign substances being sprayed in our skies, and genetically-modified crops producing their own pesticides for our consumption. Our vitamins and nutritional supplements are being eliminated in favor of a limitless bombardment of toxin-infested vaccines and mandated pharmaceutical drugs.

Our farmers and ranchers have been molested for years by endless regulations, land-use and irrigation restrictions, and have, for decades, been paid not to produce. As domestic food production has dropped, foreign food imports have risen, along with sicknesses, food poisonings and contaminations.

It is high time that every American begin to make the connection between the demonization of all normal human activity, versus the daily and ongoing attacks on our food, our water, our vitamins, on all of the basic staples that we need to sustain our lives.

Upon careful examination of the evidence, it is difficult to escape the reality that we are gradually and deliberately being made victims of a mass genocide. The necessary pieces are being placed together to eliminate a large number of the population.

In an April 16th Associated Press article headlined, Imported Food Rarely Inspected, it said,


Just 1.3 percent of imported fish, vegetables, fruit and other foods are inspected — yet those government inspections regularly reveal food unfit for human consumption.

On April 23rd, the Associated Press ran a follow-up article headlined, U.S. Food Safety Strained by Imports. The article said,


The same food safety net that couldn't catch poisoned pet food ingredients from China has a much bigger hole.

Billions of dollars worth of foreign ingredients that Americans eat in everything from salad dressing to ice cream get a pass from overwhelmed inspectors, despite a rising tide of imports from countries with spotty records, according to an Associated Press analysis of federal trade and food data.

When U.S. Food and Drug Administration inspectors at ports and border checkpoints look, they find shipments that are filthy or otherwise contaminated. They rarely bother, however, in part because ingredients aren't a priority.

How does that make you feel America? Your very own mainstream news media is telling you that you are eating trash! Your government is aware of the problem. In fact, they created the problem by persecuting domestic food producers at every turn, and forcing family farm owners out of business. In the vacuum, massive multi-national corporations and foreign producers have stepped up production to feed you and almost none of their products are inspected. It isn't a priority. Why?

Could it be that the answer lies in the fact that they keep telling us that over-population is a problem? Could it be that the real movers and shakers behind public policy in America consider you a liability to their environment, to their power base, and to their world Order?

The truth is that those who hold the reigns of power consider this planet theirs. The air you breathe, the water you drink, the land you think you own — it's all theirs! That's why you'll pay to use it all. And make no mistake about it, taxes upon your carbon emissions are right around the corner. They will charge you to use the air because you're a liability to their planet, simply because you're alive. They place themselves in the position of the Almighty, and they've decided that you don't belong here.

This principle is demonstrated with unequaled clarity at the Church of Euthanasia website, where their motto is "Save the planet, kill yourself." This non-profit foundation promotes what they refer to as their "four pillars": suicide, abortion, cannibalism, and sodomy. Their one commandment is, "thou shalt not procreate." Although they say their purpose is to restore "balance between humans and the remaining species on earth," they glorify death, encourage suicide and have even hosted instructions on how to commit suicide.

Though much less diplomatic in their choice of language, the Church of Euthanasia's ideology is harmonious to the United Nations Environment Programme's Agenda 21 initiatives that are being implemented all across America and around the world. Though the UN is much more careful to disguise its people-hating agenda with pretty terms such as "human rights", "walkable communities", "Smart Growth", "New Urbanism", "Cool Cities", "Scenic Byways", and "conservation easements", the outcome is the same. The plans that are being implemented around the country and the world are designed to crush human activity, put the means of production off limits to you, and to stop human "sprawl" — meaning, people living any place they decide you shouldn't.

Americans must quickly awaken and realize that there is a silent and undeclared war upon our freedom, our health, and our very existence. Quietly, and behind the scenes in secret meetings, these people haters are plotting to remove every support needed to sustain life.

In 1972, the Rockefeller Commission on Population and the American Future was commissioned by President Richard Nixon. The commission, which was chaired by John D. Rockefeller III, lamented the prospect of "one of the most serious challenges" facing America. They outlined three "positions" that needed to be addressed as population policy, which included greater access to contraceptives and "fertility control," the promotion of "equal rights" for women and minorities — getting them busy in careers so they aren't tempted to have children — and finally a reshaping of American values to harmonize them with environmental conservation. Of the last point, the commission writes,


The third position deals with the population problem in an ecological framework, one whose primary axiom asserts the functional interdependence of man and his environment. It calls for a far more fundamental shift in the operative values of modern society. The need for more education and knowledge and the need to eliminate poverty and racism are important, but not enough. For the population problem, and the growth ethic with which it is intimately connected, reflect deeper external conditions and more fundamental political, economic, and philosophical values. Consequently, to improve the quality of our existence while slowing growth, will require nothing less than a basic recasting of American values.


It is this "recasting of American values" that is precisely what attorney and environmental activist Daniel Sitarz, the author of the authoritative version of Agenda 21, referred to when in 1992, at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, he stated:


Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced — a major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals and an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources. This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of every human action be integrated into individual and collective decision-making at every level. There are specific actions which are intended to be undertaken by multinational corporations and entrepreneurs, by financial institutions and individual investors, by high-tech companies and indigenous people, by workers and labor unions, by farmers and consumers, by students and schools, by governments and legislators, by scientists, by women, by children — in short, by every person on Earth.


To put it another way, Sitarz is saying that there is no single person on the planet that won't be effected by the implementation of Agenda 21. He chooses words such as "profound reorientation", "major shift" and "unprecedented" to describe their own agenda! Does this not sound a little revolutionary?

At this point, one must ask the question, who gave these people the mandate to reshape society and "recast" our values toward the principles of "sustainability" and Agenda 21? What right do they have to tell us how and where to live, how much water to use, what we can and cannot eat, and what to do with our own property?

The answer is, of course, we did. We've been so pacified with TV, movies, celebrity worship, video games, gossip magazines, and a million other things that accomplish nothing, that we have not fulfilled our duties to govern our country. Now, we don't like the results of leaving the process of government to the professionals. The truth of the matter is that we are living the consequences of our own acquiescence. We are reaping what we've sewn, and we are now being targeted for extermination.

Quoting again from the Rockefeller Commission,


Population growth is one of the major factors affecting the demand for resources and the deterioration of the environment in the United States. The further we look into the future, the more important population becomes. From an environmental and resource point of view, there are no advantages from further growth of population beyond the level to which our past rapid growth has already committed us. Indeed, we would be considerably better off over the next 30 to 50 years if there were a prompt reduction in our population growth rate. This is especially true with regard to problems of water, agricultural land, and outdoor recreation. While the nation can, if it has to, find ways to solve the problems growth creates, we will not like some of the solutions we will have to adopt.


To what potential solutions could Rockefeller and his cohorts on the commission have been referring? Could it have been the massive depopulation efforts that we are currently experiencing in the 21st century? Could they have been eluding to the poisoning of our air, water, and food supply? Could it have been the limitless wars, and orchestrated acts of terrorism? Perhaps, it was pre-born infanticide that they were referencing, as we've murdered over a million unborn children a year since the Supreme Court made its ruling on abortion the year after Rockefeller's report on population was issued.

Chapter 5 of United Nations' Agenda 21 says it this way,


The growth of world population and production combined with unsustainable consumption patterns places increasingly severe stress on the life-supporting capacities of our planet. These interactive processes affect the use of land, water, air, energy and other resources. Rapidly growing cities, unless well-managed, face major environmental problems. The increase in both the number and size of cities calls for greater attention to issues of local government and municipal management. The human dimensions are key elements to consider in this intricate set of relationships and they should be adequately taken into consideration in comprehensive policies for sustainable development. Population policy should also recognize the role played by human beings in environmental and development concerns. There is a need to increase awareness of this issue among decision makers at all levels and to provide both better information on which to base national and international policies and a framework against which to interpret this information.

What are the specific details of the "population policies" inherent in Agenda 21? How is it that America was never told about this program to organize and/or eliminate life on planet earth?


The truth is that we're not supposed to know because if the great unwashed were made aware of the plans to control every aspect of their lives, and to kill off a major portion of their numbers, they might find it somewhat objectionable.

The radical environmentalists, once on the fringe of extremist groups, have now been institutionalized into every area of governance, academia, and law, from the United Nations on down. And you and your children are targeted for mass extinction.


To those who care, you are implored to educate yourself and then become involved in the fight to stop this agenda, at a local level where the plans are being implemented.

And to those radical environmentalists who truly believe the planet would be better served if there were less humans living here, you should lead by example. The rest of us might find, after you're gone, that you were right.


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