Darren Weeks

Hollywood's "Green" Hypocrisy

Darren Weeks
Coalition to Govern America
June 19, 2013
The movie industry is up in arms about green bike lanes which flow through the oft-filmed Historic Core neighborhood in Hollywood. The Hollywood Reporter says that industry execs and union leaders alike are coming together to apply pressure on the city council there to mitigate the impact of the lanes.
"That green is so visually obtrusive, it just kills the shoot," the report quotes location manager Miles Henley. Said another, "The reflectivity -- it's so fluorescent-y that it bounces up into the lofts and the storefront interiors and the cars driving by."
The bike lanes are a key component in the redesign of American cities, in accordance with the implementation of Agenda 21 -- the United Nations blueprint for "sustainable development", adopted by the UNCED conference in Rio De Janeiro in 1991. Under Agenda 21, the use of automobiles is to be discouraged, and human-powered forms of transportation is to be promoted. A part of that promotion, is the redesign of city roadways to incorporate techniques to encourage bicycle and pedestrian traffic, while making motorized transportation inconvenient and unnecessary. The excuse given for these measures is that they are necessary to preserve the environment for future generations. It is an ideology that has been largely and vociferously promoted by Hollywood actresses, industry executives, and union leaders alike -- all of whom are quick to pounce upon and bully other business leaders if they don't adopt the so-called "green" agenda.
The Hollywood bike lanes are painted green to distinguish them from car and other regular vehicular traffic lanes. This is done to enhance the safety of people utilizing the lanes -- many of whom would be environmentally-conscience users themselves -- who buy into the notion that CO2 is destroying the planet.
But movie makers don't seem too concerned about the safety of riders, or the well-being of their beloved "mother Earth" for that matter. At least, not when it comes to their business activities. Despite the fact that the lanes have accomplished a 52% increase in bike ridership, and the fact that the lanes can be removed in post-production editing, the movie industry continues its pressure campaign.
When pitting its "green" agenda against its agenda to make more "green", it's apparent where Hollywood's priorities lie.
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