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Longboarders Swerve and Crash to Avoid Road Rage Cop

Amanda Warren
Activist Post
April 14, 2014

It's not difficult to see why this raw footage of a Vancouver cop with deliberate road rage has gone viral in just a few hours.

The moment he rushes up in an unmarked SUV and abruptly swerves into the oncoming laneis panic-inducing. The longboarders (long skateboard) barely swerve out of the way themselves and crash to avoid going under the SUV which barley stops in time - all to enforce a $35 bylaw violation.

Without remorse, the officer starts berating one of the endangered longboarders. He diverts attention from what he did by raising his voice about legality (as if nearly killing two people is justified), gets in the face of the longboarder and says "I'm sick and tired of dealing with you, d'ya understand?" He changes his tone after the boarder removes his helmet to reveal an adult who doesn't accept this nonchalant treatment. "Is that what you do to cyclists??" he wants to know.

One of the crashed boarders was apparently a young person who may have been injured - the officer denied any harm. The adult says, "You should be doing better things with your time right now instead of running kids off the road with your vehicle."

While it may have been illegal to longboard on this particular street, the officer's reaction using his taxpayer issued 2-ton vehicle for possible homocide is akin to "taking care of" an illegal jaywalker by speeding up to hit them and hoping they get out of the way in time. Jaywalkers and longboarders might be doing something unsafe or illegal, but that hardly justifies removing that safety because an officer is "sick and tired of dealing with" it. "Scaring someone straight," in this manner, as you can see, could have had deadly consequences.

Instead of serving and protecting - whatever that means anymore or meant originally - more and more officers are endangering and terrifying the public at large in unacceptable ways.




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