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Department of Homeland Security Caught Monitoring Veterans’ ‘VA is Lying’ Facebook Group

Cassius Kamarampi
Era of Wisdom
April 18, 2016


(Era of Wisdom) People say the federal government is particularly afraid of veterans and therefore eager to monitor them, because of their experience witnessing the criminal behavior of the military industrial complex.

This understanding among thinking people was confirmed again recently, as Disabled Veterans reports that the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) was caught monitoring a Facebook group called “VA is Lying,” in conjunction with VA police.

According to Disabled Veterans:

“An internal alert email from VA police forwarded by an AFGE president shows VA Chief of Police and DHS National Operations Center (NOC) are monitoring the VA is Lying Facebook group.

These security organizations believe the VA is Lying group plans to protest at VA facilities mired in the wait-list scandal and went on to warn employees about the threat.

“We have received information from VA Police Chiefs and the NOC regarding a group “VA Lies” reportedly organizing through social media mass protest at 111 VA medical centers nationwide on May 20, 2016.”

Veterans have long correctly suspected the Department of Homeland Security was monitoring certain veterans. Apparently protesting veterans deaths through the wait-list fraud is now a matter for DHS.

Where the hell were they when veterans were being killed as a result of the fraudulent wait-list scheme?”

It’s imperative to the future of the American people and the world, to understand what the new post-9/11, enormous branches of the US government are doing these days.

Behind the scenes of this small detail in a rising technocratic structure, post-9/11 agencies such as the NSA and DHS are colluding with telecommunications giants such as AT&T, with 39 million dollar contracts for “emergency communications.”

We’re living in a time when these 9/11-justified technocratic surveillance departments of the US government are moving into Silicon Valley, using huge data centers to store and analyze our data at will. Therefore, we would be wise to understand that there must be a lot we don’t know about what they are actually doing.

There must be a lot that we don’t know about what the NSA and DHS are actually doing: they are slowly granting themselves the power to monitor anything they want, and do just about anything.

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