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The Elite Freak Beauty Show

The Elite Freak Beauty Show

I saw what appeared to be a very strange outfit worn by a multi-millionaire 20-something at the 2015 Met Gala, a very peculiar outfit that appeared half medieval royalty-style and half comic book drawing, so I bit the bait and clicked to watch a slideshow of the elites in charitable action. All I can say is…wow.

Between the so-called “designer” outfits, the most unnatural of eyebrows and eye makeup, the plastic look dyed hair styles; the very odd, pursed lipped, camera-ready facial contortions, and the ready/steady crossed ankles and hand on hips “stances,” it would appear as if elites have lost their collective minds and most certainly any hint of individuality. What a freak show; a cast of failed replica mannequins.

I then decided to look at other “red carpet” slideshows, and all I can say is these people have lost their minds. Psychotic vanity has morphed them into frozen-faced freaks which media proclaims to be the world’s most beautiful people. If that’s beauty, I’ve got some wetlands to sell you in geoengineered California. Beauty? Beauty??

Let it suffice to say that the far too rich are bat shit crazy, and that continuing to allow them to lead anything, much less be role models to girls and women, makes us equally crazy. These people are not okay. They are diagnosable on so many levels that one hardly knows where to begin.

Blowing through multi-millions of dollars every year posing for repeated narcissistic photo shoots, most claiming to hate photographers, while attending “charitable” events for the cause of themselves is crazy. Repeating self-rewarding award shows over and over and over and over and over again for EVERYTHING they do is crazy. Think of it this way. If I spent millions of dollars fixing myself up, faking my face, teeth, body, skin tone, posture, and stances, and then created multiple self-award programs while paying mass media to say I am beautiful, someone would think I was nuts and probably do some kind of an intervention. For elites, however, this is common party practice, and these people have become very creepy. And like all elites, they shield themselves from the 95% whom they dislike and fear. Hence, their body guards, security systems, and their constant annoyance with lookers who look because of elite domination of media, entertainment, and the “beauty” industries. So…they don’t want us to look? Yeah, right.

Look at some of these slideshows on the Internet and tell me you are seeing beauty, because it isn’t beauty by any measure or stretch of the imagination. You are witnessing layers of mental illness presented with 24k solid gold spoons. These people are not role models. They are unbalanced as all get-out, and that is before the multi-layered addictions to surgery, diets, day-spa beauty regimens, drugs, alcohol, and “cleansings”. Creepy…

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