Nancy Levant

The Real Reason for Obamacare

The Real Reason for Obamacare

The “change”, having arrived like a metastasized cancer, has obliterated the economy, has not only ignored but denigrated the Constitution and all rights of the American people, destroyed full-time/good wage jobs in the US, has infiltrated and completely destroyed all children’s educations, has all but eliminated actual healthcare for anyone who has to use employer, private or “exchange-based” federal insurance, has destroyed most of the largest cities and most states in the US; has destroyed agriculture and family farming, has destroyed the health of all food animals, the health of oceans, rivers, lakes, streams and aquifers, has destroyed the air, soil, forests and fresh and salt waters through geoengineering, and has sterilized, contaminated, altered, and destroyed food seeds – just to name a few individual cancers – and then add to all the above the fact that we are “required” by an 11.2 million-word law to pay the feds a monthly “fee” for nonexistent “health” care when we are all failing due to each and every form of cancer listed above.

Why would the government go to such extraordinary and destructive lengths to cremate every system in the nation, including its food and water, and at the same time force all citizens to purchase “insurance” from the same exempted government? The feds knows full well that at least 80% of the American people cannot afford to pay Obamacare monthly premiums, and no one wants Obamacare minus the grant funded idiots with placards schmoozing for major media cameras and for attention.

The theater that is playing out in this nation is sick and criminal because it is a masquerade of ongoing lies-based theft. Everything that has happened to this nation has been staged to accomplish pre-determined agendas, such as:

Nationwide ill-health coupled with no actual health care;

The ongoing contamination of fresh and salt waters;

The poisoning of the nation’s food supply;

The elimination of livable wages by offshoring full-time jobs for the profitable misuse of exploited labor;

The death of American automobiles for American people;

The death of affordable natural gas, electricity and gasoline;

The death of affordable car and health insurance;

The death of savings accounts (No more international transactions using savings accounts + deduction limits beginning in November? Yeah, we know about that, too.);

The death of safe and private banking and communications for Average Jane and Joe;

Intelligent, thinking children replaced by governance regurgitating robots;

And the death of an economy that actually supports the people of the nation.

The only remaining problem for the government is their wildly underestimated gun ownership numbers by the American people, and they are scared to death of that FACT. So, while they prepare for a HUGE national event with which to implement martial law, hoping the people will simply turn over their guns even knowing better, they continue with their “plans”. They are, in fact, bat-shit crazy.

But the question still remains: Why try to force the American people into buying Obamacare, something that the people clearly cannot afford? The answer is simple. Make most Americans federal criminals, then they think they can “indefinitely detain” any person they desire to detain while scaring the rest into giving them every last cent that they have or will ever have in the future. Frankly, however, it won’t work. No one buys their BS; no one, and no one will detest them more than the ones they betrayed the most, the liberal left who were promised an end to global wars and the destruction of nature, and an end to partisan BS.

Here is what the DC crazies forgot: The American people are not red or blue creatures of their whims. We are part moderately conservative/part moderately liberal. We do not like foreign wars nor do we like killing foreign people. We do not agree with GMO poisons or the brutal mistreatment of food animals. We are not what the DC media whores tried to paint; we are not radicals, but the blue and red government is radical with wealth and power addiction. They are sick people, pathological partiers and immoral thugs. They are drug, alcohol, sex, yacht, mansion, prostitution, and thieving-based thugs. They are, in effect, trash, and they need to be put out for pick up.

To the globalist economy destroyers, we’re not paying your new Obamacare tax. You want to solve YOUR financially mismanaged theft, steal it back from your corporate buddies and their (and your) foreign bank accounts and vaults. You are not stealing one more dime from us. The answer to Obamacare is NO.

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