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Surreal Vulnerability 2013

Surreal Vulnerability 2013


It is hard to know where to begin. The changes that have been incrementally ushered into the U.S. over the past forty to fifty years through legislation, executive orders, signing statements, proclamations, international treaties, and presidential directives are all but astounding. The ongoing ignorance and ignoring regarding such by the American people is equally astounding if not bizarre. Between these two surreal dichotomies of outcomes and disinterest, the nation’s people are reeling from rapidly escalating vulnerability. Everyone in the country, progressives, conservatives, and the ninety percent in between the two factions are feeling the dire results of ignoring their “representatives”:

Surreality 1: The U.S. has become one of, if not the most hated nation in the world, this following the government’s willingness to sell its defense weaponry and to aid declared enemies of the U.S.

Surreality 2: People who follow the defined rules of the Constitution, the supreme law of the land in the U.S., are today labeled as “domestic terrorists” by the U.S. government, most departments within the U.S. government, and law enforcement.

Surreality 3: People who claim constitutional rights are labeled as “domestic terrorists” in the U.S.

Surreality 4: The jobs which employed the American people and supported the economy of the U.S. were purposefully moved to foreign nations, whereby destroying the U.S. economy.

Surreality 5: American eldership has been demonized to the point of mass-drugging senior citizens and raising humane societies that in epidemic numbers overdose senior people to death, much like animal euthanasia organizations, and hospitals are doing the same.

Surreality 6: Human health and fertility is rapidly deteriorating due to food and drug corporations profiting from sickness-based business models supported by the U.S. government and the Global 2000 report, the United Nations Population Fund, The Royal Society “People and the Planet” report, and the USAID initiatives and goals.

Surreality 7: The world’s richest people and their philanthropic organizations are funding enforced sterilizations programs worldwide in collusion with IMF, World Bank, and United Nations population reduction goals.

Surreality 8: Assisted suicide and euthanasia laws are coinciding with rapidly aging global populations due to drastic declines in live births worldwide, including surpassing the one billion global abortions mark reached in 2012 (one-seventh of the total global population).

Surreality 9: Genetically modified and largely untested food now comprises approximately 80% to 90% of the U.S. food supply both for human and animal consumption.

Surreality 10: Lithium and other pharmaceutical drugs have been discovered in tap water in multiple large urban areas, and it has been legislatively proposed that both lithium and sterilants be considered as additives in U.S. drinking water along with the ongoing additive of fluoride.

Surreality 11: All non-profit government grantees, or stakeholder and partners, are required to collect and database the personal information of U.S. citizens.

Surreality 12: Under Executive Order 13279, 501 (c) 3 churches, or approximately 90% of U.S. churches, became grant recipients become under the financial and administrative authority of: i) the Attorney General; (ii) the Secretary of Agriculture; (iii) the Secretary of Commerce; (iv) the Secretary of Labor; (v) the Secretary of Health and Human Services; (vi) the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; (vii) the Secretary of Education; (viii) the Secretary of Veterans Affairs; (ix) the Secretary of Homeland Security; (x) the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency; (xi) the Administrator of the Small Business Administration; (xii) the Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development; and (xiii) the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation for National and Community Service; (xvi) other agencies and offices as the President, from time to time, may designate. All this at a time in history when the primary religion of the United States has been demonized, while church and state was legally separated by law, and “Christians” are designated as potential “domestic terrorists” by multiple federal agencies.

Surreality 13: Epidemic cancers, epidemic asthma and chronic upper respiratory infections, epidemic adult and child obesity, epidemic kidney and liver failure, global Morgellon’s disease, nodding disease, epidemic Alzheimer’s disease and autism, epidemic ADD, ADHD, and AIDS; all coupled with the epidemic prescribing and use of annual, multiple antibiotics, antidepressants, and a potpourri of mandatory and blended vaccine concoctions for infants and children are destroying natural immunities and immune systems.

Surreality 14: An estimated 100 million jobs lost, 10 to 12 million homes foreclosed in the last seven years, nearly 25% of the entire U.S. job force working part-time jobs, and with new national and international taxes instituted and forthcoming PLUS mandatory healthcare insurance forthcoming in 2014 with limited medical care for infants and senior citizens; all causing U.S. businesses to lay off more full-time employees due to the unaffordability of employer-provided limited care policies.

Surreality 15: Perpetuated and escalating dumbing down of American students, over three million students dropping out of high school annually (8,300 each day), and seventy-five percent of crimes in the U.S. committed by high school drop-outs; fourteen percent of the U.S. population who cannot read (thirty-two million people).

Surreality 16: Fifty-three percent of recent college graduates are unemployed, with forty-eight percent holding mostly part-time jobs that do not require a college degree; the average college graduate in 2012 with $27,000.00 in student loan debt and thirty-seven million student borrowers.

I could keep listing, but why bother. Everything you see is the direct result of governing representatives and their professional decisions made on your behalf, all of which effectively destroying this nation and the potential of its people. The vulnerability they have inflicted upon the people of this country is intentional, perpetrated, and clearly demonstrates their devotion to another system of governance and to consolidated (global) corporate wealth. This is what happens when you choose entertainments over intelligence, believe tell-a-vision over thinking and reading, and when you allow politicians to be leaders vs. carefully overseen representatives. Good luck, everyone. Welcome to the world created by the “representatives” you failed to monitor. What their governance has created for you is simply… well as deadly.

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