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The Government’s Ongoing Betrayal of the Urban Poor

The Government’s Ongoing Betrayal of the Urban Poor

No jobs, no way to repay career college loans, food stamp defunding, no free Obamacare, horrible urban public education, rising rents, escalating utility costs, unaffordable food, and expanding and wildly escalating violent crime, the government lied to the nation’s poor and most vulnerable people. Everything for the poor is getting rapidly worse.

Elderly people and single women with children are being evicted in record numbers. Dollar stores are now grocery stores for the poor and some of the most rapidly growing corporations due to Bridge Card transactions. Epidemic numbers of senior citizens, women and children, Black males, and veterans are hungry and homeless, and it’s going to get worse.

The poor in all nations are the most reviled populations. They are considered to be lesser human beings and, thanks to the U.S. government, your punishment as poverty-ridden people is increasing. Seniors are in the same reviled boat. The government sees the poor, the under-educated, the elderly, and the disabled as dispensable populations. Equally, America remains a nation that largely fears people of color, truth. Therefore, and hear me well; take these words of advice seriously:

Group up with family members and move out of the urban centers. Try to convince grandparents, parents, middle-aged and younger adults and children to live under one roof and to share expenses.

Try endlessly, every day, to secure jobs. If four or five adults can find even part-time work, your family will get by, and you may be able to get elderly family members to take care of children while the working-age adults work. Pool your money.

Learn to grow large food gardens and to keep and butcher chickens. It’s not hard; it’s just work, but work that sustains your families. If you can rent in a rural area with some acreage and fencing, consider raising larger meat animals as well; again, not hard to learn, just work.

Get rid of most electronics that create laziness and dependency on entertainment. These devices are purposefully addictive and damaging to human initiative. Get rid of the TV first. It lies incessantly and makes everyone lazy and ignorant.

Pull together and become seriously interested in self-sufficiency, learn new skills, and eliminate dependency on bad government. Trust me: the government is not interested in you or anyone else minus the one percent. You know this is true.

Eliminate all partying, drugging and drinking and become the outstanding parents that your children deserve. Become the people God meant you to be. You cannot continue to make excuses for self-destructive behaviors. You must become ethically and proactively self-reliant.

Take a skills inventory of all the adults in your extended family. Everyone has specific talents, and all are marketable. Start small home-based businesses, where all profits stay within the family. Use Amish businesses as a model, and investigate all that Amish families grow and sell, build and sell, and market and sell; with all dollars earned supporting entire families.

One of the biggest indicators of ongoing and generational poverty is urban living. Why? Because urban centers cater to wealthy movers and shakers, bankers, investors, and to corporate wealth and political power. Washington DC is the kingpin of the urban wealth and power model, and most of its financial backers and their corporations operate within urban America. DC only and ever serves the richest of the rich.

Most people, Average Joe and Jane, do not ever find (nor should they) extreme wealth, because extreme wealth is only achievable with massive slave labor bases (minimum wagers, Third World sweat shops, part-timers, etc.). Strive to achieve reasonable wealth for your families based upon your works, talents and efforts, but you must get out of the urban wastelands to do so. Otherwise, generational poverty will continue because it is systemically guaranteed that you will remain poverty-ridden. Equally, when the poorest people of this nation finally realize the betrayal of this government, the urban areas will become far worse and far more dangerous than they are at present. Get your families out and get off the systemic poverty paradigm.

Get the money together to move. Figure it out. Find rural or small bergs to move into, and begin the process of self-preservation and self-respect through work and family, and stop partying; all partying. It is not okay to drink and smoke weed. It is a crippling legacy to leave to your children and it destroys their childhood memories. Equally, get your children into better school systems or, better yet, consider homeschooling. The urban schools have devastated the urban poor with horrible educations for the nation’s entire history, which you well know.

Rural living, gardens, tending to animals, and the safety of rural lifestyles are wonderful for children, and they grow up as highly skilled adults having learned primary life skills; none of which being available opportunities for inner-city children. Also, remember that your senior family members are likely to be the most skilled and talented family members. Have them apprentice you and your children so that their skills are learned and passed down.

With all this said, make a plan and get out of the inner-city areas. You can do this, and you will breathe so much easier once you are free from the systemic trap and doom of governmentally orchestrated poverty. Equally, should the entire nation go haywire with a nation-sized “crisis”, urban centers are the last places you want to be with your families. When you look at potential rental homes, have cash on hand. Everyone is strapped and cash money talks.

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