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A Great Loss is Forthcoming

A Great Loss is Forthcoming

Science, political genius, the biblical fall of humankind; call it what you will, but the history of humankind revolves around war, the conquering of land masses and people groups, theft, slavery, torture, the rape of women and children, and the resulting rising and falling of armies and empires. For whatever reasons and above all things, humankind insists upon the violent game of thrones.

B.C. to A.D., today is no different minus the fact that desire for destructive domination has extended into outer space and even more advanced weapons of mass destruction, more poisons, and the intentional spreading of deadly substances and diseases. Lasers, colliders, microwaves, and electromagnetic weapons are used on land and in space and are advancing in greatest capacity deadliness. New virulent and bacterial diseases and methods of widespread disbursal are advancing. Food and water tampering are highly funded sciences with legal use globally enforced. Totalitarian armies are rapidly becoming computer-based machine forces on land, in air, space, and the seas.

It is hard to imagine scenarios worse than these, which are merely humankind’s advancement from old war and destruction to new war and mass destruction, but the worst scenario, the most insidious in fact, has today evolved and arrived in full force upon the planet; the altering of biological life forms, which has been in the experimental stages for at least the past century. Today the experiment is no longer experimental.

In all likelihood, Baby Boomers were the last generation of purely biological human beings, which may be the actual reason for the global euthanasia insistence. Talk to student nurses, globally, who are all being trained to be the death with dignity armies. The largest populations, globally, are Baby Boomers. They are also the last generation to experience western-style freedom, constitutional law and the Bill of Rights, full employment with the ability to save money, to have actual health care, and to be educated. This was true for Caucasian Boomers. This was not true, however, for many if not most Black Americans, which is another result of science, political genius or the biblical fall of humankind; that’s your decision to live with.

Generations X (1961-1981), Y (1975-1995), and Z (1995-2015) Generation X’ers were the first whole-life eaters of genetically modified foods, breathers of geoengineered air, and drinkers of altered water. Generations Y and Z were born into a wholly altered planet that was no longer purely biological. The generation after Z is called Generation Alpha, a telling label as it means the first, the new, the beginning. They are the new humans.

Altering life began with experiments on plants when elites wanted special roses. Plant experimentation then moved into agriculture, which has led the world to a genetically altered food supply enforced upon people who have suffered globally from experimental food.

Experiments then encompassed the animal kingdom beginning with laboratory animals (which means all kinds of animals). Cloning was discovered and then moved into the sciences of genetic modification, sub-dermal micro-chipping, and cross-species experimentation; today many decades in the making/creating. When the human genome was documented along with advancements in nanotechnology, knowledge of genetic manipulations and then germline CRISPR sciences, humans became the target for reinvention. With that reinvention, advancements in robotics became the logical replacement for human workforces, even enslaved/no-cost workforces. Equally were desires for all knowledge, immortality, and the desire to rid the planet of biological imperfections including particular human gene pools. Perfection became scientifically and politically defined according to those funding the genetic sciences.

Today humanity is no longer purely biological. All living generations are experimental populations with new genetic codes due to altered food, pharmaceutical drugs, tainted water, and nano-particulated air. We are bombarded non-stop with electromagnetic waves, microwaves, and radiation. We are magnetically addicted to/drawn to electronic devices, and we feel unsettled without them. Our food is nutrient-free due to wholly toxic soils and modified crops and animals. We are fat because we eat animals made morbidly obese by growth hormones, which is why vegetarianism is globally pushed, but eating beans and vegetables will not make anyone well. They, too, have been genetically modified as have fruits and nuts.

Global seed vaults are often ignored, but science and political players have for decades been preparing for the death of agriculture:

Millennium Seed Bank - England

Svalbard Global Seed Vault - Norway

Australian PlantBank - Australia

Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry - Russia

National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation – U.S.

This is the short list. There are many others, including individuals hoping to save themselves.

The result of altering human biology is global sickness. In the last half century, global epidemics of cancers, liver and kidney failures, asthma and other pulmonary disorders, chronic brain disorders in the elderly and young children, reproductive problems, and migraine headaches all coincided with genetic manipulations, electromagnetic manipulations, geoengineering (aerial/chemtrail spraying), ongoing and massive radiation testing and accidents (on the ground, underground, in space and in the oceans), mass pharmaceutical use and enforcements (particularly for the elderly and young children), and the creation of new virulent and bacterial viruses and their global disbursal.

Add to all this the ownership of the weather; the blockage of sunlight (global Vitamin D deficiencies), cloud and ocean seeding (water acidification and heavy metals contamination, global tree death, global soil contamination and PH imbalances, and brain disorders in wildlife and livestock).

The global military guarding of biological seeds indicates that once the greatest bulk of humanity has been eliminated that at least an attempt to bring back biology to nature may exist, or perhaps the seeds will be used to attempt to bring agriculture to another planet; who knows, but all people alive today are 1) not purely biological, and 2) getting sicker and weaker by the year.

The young are lost in technological addictions; so much so that they do not care about the reality of the world. They are not like former human beings because they are not wholly or biologically human. They have a limited sense of empathy and extremely limited attention spans. Most are capable of no more than eighth grade educations, which is why colleges and universities are no longer places of higher education (minus temporarily perhaps for the select few at the most select universities).

The desire to alter one’s own species, to morph it into a technologically-based asset, is certainly unnatural and wholly inhumane when enforced without consent upon others. Strange how we comprehend viciousness when considering slaves or laboratory animals, but that we embrace viciousness for ourselves. We eat the poisons, swallow the pills/any pills, refuse to think about poisons raining down upon us or give a second thought to the poisons in grocery stores. We inject our infants with nearly 40 drugs and diseases. We hand our children to government re-education experts in schools. We refuse to look at the condition of trees or to notice the massive insect, fish, and bird die-offs. We buy every device we are told to buy.

We are unnaturally drawn to computer screens and phones, and human contact interferes with those priorities. We no longer love our work, because work interferes with screen staring, and there is no reward for idiotic work. Welfare is better. Screens are not interrupted. Using and eating poisons are not interrupted. Drinking poisons is not interrupted. Feeling mostly unwell, filtered through screens, make us numb to the malaise.

Call it science, political genius, or the fall of humankind; call it anything you like. The addiction to and love of war and destruction has come full circle as we have attempted to rid ourselves of ourselves since written history. I believe we are moments from arrival. I sense a great loss is forthcoming and just around the corner.

It may have been irrational emotionalism that gave us the instinct to live throughout the millennia of warring; however, with that gone through genetic transformation, the resulting sicknesses, and technological hypnotism, this may be the easiest battle ever won in human history, particularly if it turns out our devices are biotechnological weapons of mass destruction. It will be interesting to see who or what is blamed…or maybe not. Maybe, for the most part, we are already gone.

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