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When Your Country Becomes One of the Worst

When Your Country Becomes One of the Worst

Chronic human and civil rights violations and so much corruption always lead to governance, every nation, every time. The past century, if not two, has seen the United States evolve from a work in progress to a police state; a nation despised by most of the world, and a governmental coup that, executive order to executive order, directive to directive, treaty to treaty, and partnership to partnership altered a governmental system that stated the people governed. Due to our ignorance and trust in elites, today we are identified as terrorists, criminals, imperialists, and unworthy of civil and human rights; all while we steadfastly refused to see the usurpers before our eyes and all media outlets, paying them exorbitant salaries and permitting their lavish lifestyles, while they made long-term and open plans to beat, arrest, mass-drug, indefinitely detain, re-educate, torture, and euthanize anyone who challenged them, who grew old, or who were desired as scapegoats.

Our economic system is a wholly corrupted and computerized theft ring. Black market corporations are its largest depositors, all tax-free, and once the minimal wage-based dollars of human labors were force-deposited into banks, wages were no longer ours. Instead, they are used as investments to manipulate financial markets, another wholly corrupt arm of the banking/black market/corporate system. National and now global economics is enrichment through theft. Before we are mostly eliminated, they are stealing everything we have.

What was once real science is now purchased by corporate wealth, exactly as governmental representation, and today the sciences are used to create robotic workforces, whereby eliminating the need for wage-based laborers. Hence, science sickens humankind in efforts to eliminate masses of the poor to stem the rise of revolts from the suffering masses. Science sprays the globe with nano-particulate aluminum, strontium and barium, causing brain disorders and early death. Health care legislation is created in tandem to reduce medical care, and drugs are mass produced and forced upon the people; drugs that destroy major organs and brains. Today seniors, veterans of war, women, and children are mass-diagnosed as mentally incompetent, the historical precursor to the elimination of reproduction rights and to firearm ownership.

Both foreign and domestic militarized policing forces are created, united, cross-trained, and hired, all with the intent of brutally forcing people to comply with sickness, poverty, starvation, barbaric treatment, and to remain silent and willing to endure any and all enforcements. Everything becomes illegal with all human activity criminalized. Growing vegetable gardens, heating with wood, living independently on privately owned property, homeschooling children, picking flowers in forests, lifting a feather off the ground, expressing an opinion, believing in a god, feeding the hungry, taking a picture, taking an airplane to visit relatives, having a dog, disagreeing with illegal government activity, etc.; illegalities were created out of thin air to further all dehumanizing agendas as the people themselves were targeted. Why? Because with the help of the Internet, the people finally recognized and understood elite criminality. This knowledge is what has caused the demonization of the masses; their sickness, poverty, criminality, and their soon to be mass-depopulation events.

The world’s people, including the American people, are being radiated, sickened with mandatory vaccines and pharmaceutical cocktails, synthetic and genetically modified foods, perpetrated climate change by geoengineering causing droughts, flooding, ozone depletion, super-heated segments of the atmosphere, mass-methane releases caused by fracking, sunlight blocking, uncontrollable forest fires (forests covered with nano-sized and wildly flammable heavy metals), and poisoned soil, water, animals, and crops fields—all the results of 40+ years of global aerial spraying, corporate greed, and intentional sickening.

Horribly, unthinkably, many of these wholly insane initiatives were born and bred by the United States government, a country so brilliantly manipulated by elites that for over a century its people remained clueless while electing and reelecting their executioners even to this day. Even with all in the open including the mass-cancers, epidemic liver and kidney failures, epidemic senior and childhood brain diseases, and the epidemic obesity and diabetes caused by growth hormones in meats, high fructose corn-based and genetically modified diets, we remain loyal to the elite Red and Blue who rapidly complete their goals, the very goals set into play over 100 years ago.

We are a sickened people in body, mind and spirit. We commonly ignored the mistreatment of people of color throughout this nation’s history, and today we are paying the piper by living what they always experienced; poverty, ill-health, mistreatment, brutality, mass-arrests, joblessness, denigration, human rights violations, and social injustice—all systemic, all intentional, all governmentally planned and legislated by elites. This is today’s reality, when we are faced with the consequences of ongoing ignorance and our country being one of the worst.

We have two choices: lie down and be taken out, or regard your lives and the lives of your children as worth the fight to stop the global 1%...ONE percent. We are promised pandemics while super-viruses and diseases are funded by government grants. We are promised nuclear warfare, which we invented and used in the past. We steadfastly failed to maintain all nuclear power facilities. We are being sickened amidst a current and ignored planetary radiating event (Fukushima) including ongoing nuclear testing and sword rattling. We are living on a daily basis beneath a wholly altered climate, purposefully dimmed sunlight, purposeful super-heating of the atmosphere and altered electrical magnetic frequencies (HAARP facilities), and constant microwaving and cancer-causing electronic devices. We are mass-drugged, and the quality medical care that once existed has been eliminated for all but the very rich. Cataclysmic events, all promised, are guaranteed.

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