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The “Greater Good” or the Very Definition of Slavery?

The “Greater Good” or the Very Definition of Slavery?

The global interpretation of the “greater good” is minimally a nightmare. Today’s economic vulnerability of all nations is beyond rationality when nations know full well that central banking corruption, corporate governance and political collusion have destroyed national economies, international security, and have raised police states on a global scale against suffering people. This greater good is, in fact, unrelenting criminality and immorality. Consider the reality of this so-called good:

Weather has been altered to the point of total destruction of biological sustenance.

The world’s food supply has been dangerously altered as a result of 50 years of climate and genetic engineering.

Decade by decade human beings, plants, and animals have been altered by climate, food and gene modification, nano-technologies and pharmacology due to climate altering, resulting in new diseases, global biological deterioration, and mass multi-trillion animal deaths and mass extinction rates. Is it really more comfortable for you to believe otherwise? Do you really think the human species is immune?

Global corporations created the global human trafficking black market to eliminate fair wages and benefits, preferring women and children as slaves less capable of rebellion. Today tens of millions of women and children are making most global market goods in exchange for abuse, room and board. They are the very definition of slaves.

Today the most productive nations in the world are following the slavery paradigm by legislating poverty through secretive global trade agreements coupled with the elimination of wage-based jobs. The masses of humanity are being inter-mixed so that Third World and First World people are interchangeable for corporate exploitation; an interim solution prior to replacing humans with robot/technological labor forces. As a result, depopulation of human beings is in full-swing through sterilizing drugs, food, water, and by climate alteration that is devastating the world’s food supply via climate engineered drought, fire, flooding, and diminished sunlight. The culling is in full swing. Slavery is the global status quo and for the U.S. as well.

We mask our sweatshops behind privatized prison walls and fences, but they are free-labor sweatshops nonetheless and another reason why jobs have “disappeared”. There are nearly 2.3 million Americans “working” in prisons, but that does not include privatized prisons the U.S. owns and operates in other countries. Some estimates point to 5 to 6 million “working” American inmates, which does not begin to touch the numbers of slaves abused by American corporation in China, India, Indonesia, Africa, etc. Do you think for five minutes that quality wages for Americans will ever return when slavery creates transnational billionaires and trillionaires? Do you think for five minutes that China relocating their auto industry to Detroit will create quality wages for Americans, when GM uses slave laborers in Chinese factories, Hershey uses child slaves in West Africa, Victoria’s Secret also in Africa, Phillip Morris in Kazakhstan, Microsoft in China, Forever 21, Aeropostale, Toys ‘R’ Us, Urban Outfitters in Uzbekistan, and dozens of other slave-based corporations?

We have been purposefully cut to part-time jobs only to begin the process of our wage-free and forthcoming lifestyles. Billions in quarterly profits requires slaves without wages and without benefits. Sound familiar, America? The “greater good” is only for the one percent of human beings who now control 90+ % of all global wealth and most natural resources on the planet. Too bad so many Americans are willing to be slaves for phones. I suggest all such “gifts” will also disappear since they are non-existent in the rest of the slave world. P.S.: Your bank accounts, savings, investments, retirement funds, pensions, Social Security, IRA’s, 401k’s, welfare benefits, food cards, etc. will also vanish, and you will be told it is for the “greater good”. So it is.

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