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Understanding the Viciousness of the Obamacare Tax

Understanding the Viciousness of the Obamacare Tax

The reason the Supreme Court declared Obamacare a “tax” was to enforce its monthly payments, period. There was no other “legal” way to force Americans to “buy” health insurance, and it is why the IRS is the mandatory payment enforcer. As such, and due to this new law, private policy holders’ rates have doubled to quadrupled while doctor choice has diminished as insurance companies are eliminating doctors altogether to raise profits, employer policies have risen with all health care services diminished and doctor choice also limited, and the government’s “exchange” program is, frankly, a sick and cruel joke. Now you also understand the reason for the three decade-long college recruitment of nurses in nursing programs. They are the cheap replacements for doctor care.

The poorest people have to pay the highest deductibles and with “insurance” covering only 60% of total health care costs (the “Bronze” Plan), while the ones who can afford to pay for “Gold” or “Platinum” Plans pay the lowest deductibles and have most or all of their health care paid by the government. So, in other words, the rich continue to get the best and cheapest health care and the poor continue to get screwed while the elderly, the sick, the imperfectly born, and the tens of millions with hundreds of cancers are all under “limited care” designations. So, understand this: If you are poor, old, imperfect, or sick, you will not be treated. You will be drugged, but not treated for illnesses.

Furthermore, since most American people are now part-timers, low-wagers, welfare recipients or are sick with cancers, failing livers and kidneys, are diabetics, have chronic respiratory disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, or ADD or ADHD, they will have no choice but to “buy” the “Bronze Plan” tax and to pay a $6500 deductible out of pocket BEFORE the 60% Bronze insurance coverage even begins.

In other words, you will not seek health care, but you will pay the monthly tax payments to avoid being a “federal” criminal since your mandatory payments are “taxes”, as so declared by the Supreme Court, but you will be unable to pay the $6500 out of pocket because you have no money. In other words, you lost all access to health care in the United States, but the government will likely take in one or two hundred billion a month from this “mandatory” tax—the same government that has determined that the poor, the sick, and the elderly will not receive health “care”.

In my opinion, this is the most vicious action of the federal government and the Supreme Court to date. If we simply allow such brutal and unconscionable theft to continue, God only knows what’s next. You better pray it’s not one of the “promised” pandemics or radiological contamination…oh, say from Fukushima and all the electronics in our hands and next to our brains 24/7. Count on getting sicker (which we are) while paying through the nose for nothing. Your government, however, just hit pay dirt.

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