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Administered Food and Drugs: We are all drugged patients now

Administered Food and Drugs: We are all drugged patients now

We need to examine and connect the very fundamental clues which led to the freakish apathy of so many American people. Let us begin with health.

We the American people are the most drugged people on the planet. Senior citizens, bar none, are walking chemical experimentation organisms. With or without all the drugs, most seniors still die between the ages of 70 and 80, but the drugs that infect their systems are bizarre chemical cocktails, and many are drugged to mindless lethargy and death under the umbrella of humaneness, clinical trials, and with insurance corporation insistence.

For decades and decades, American women have been the recipients of sleeping pills, birth control substances, and anti-depression/psychotropic/mood-altering drugs. Today, it is chic to partake in depression therapy, and even normal menstrual and menopausal conditions have led to disease-style diagnostic chemical treatments. By default, American women may be the largest diagnosed/mentally ill population on the planet. As mental cases, make note they are also the mothers of American children, and these children are the most regularly and routinely-drugged children on the planet. Therefore, it is no surprise that schools partner with the mental health community as diagnostic gatekeepers for the drug industries that target our children as well as their mothers. Refer to the New Freedom Initiative on Mental Health if in doubt.

Couple all of this with America’s epidemic cancers, diabetes, hypertension, strokes, allergies, upper respiratory infections, and multiple forms of old age and youth dementia, and all the blurry drug trails from health to sickness come into controlled focus. We the people are the most regularly and routinely-drugged people in the world, and we are also the largest global users of recreational drugs. In a nutshell, we are users, and we are not ourselves. We are, in fact, wasted. Then add the caffeine. Then consider the fit-throwing for marijuana rights, as if we could get any higher.

Think, if you will, of the absolute and unquestioned reality of American parents who, mass-drugging their infants beginning at birth, blindly continue this mindless pattern throughout childhood. American drugging does, in fact, begin at birth and continues until death, unquestioned. We are not ourselves; we are an induced population. We are wasted. So are our children.

Next, we must look at the American diet. The last three generations of American people ate primarily non-foods. Grocery store breads, pastas, crackers, snacks, breakfast cereals, soda pops and other bottled concoctions, and over-the-counter candies, breath mints and gum are not food. The grains that we now eat are not food. Prior to the food pyramid we were a far, far healthier population, but our national health plummeted with the onslaught of genetically-modified produce, coupled with the infamous food pyramid which encouraged the grain-based (translation: vegetarian and subsidized) diets.

When our grandparents were eating non-hormone, non-vaccinated meat, genetically-pure produce, lard and butter, whole milk, and homemade desserts, there were no epidemic cancers, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, old age and youth dementia, and there was no mass drugging of the population. However, we now have three to four generations of change to deal with and that change is clearly, absolutely evident in the state of our national health and in our intellectual dulling. We are not ourselves. Reality doesn’t even ring a bell.

No matter what you believe or disbelieve about aerial geoengineering, something is sprayed from very high-flying jets into the atmosphere, all over the nation, in all 50 states and globally, and the spraying has continued unimpeded for decades. No one can seemingly pin down these non-stop events and rumors abound, but something is sprayed from jets, and that something spreads from horizon to horizon in all 50 states. Weather modification? Who knows? Our government certainly does not clarify nor ever mention the spraying campaigns. But, as we can see the chemtrail substances, let us, therefore, assume they are substances. They are frighteningly visible.

City water is also treated with multiple substances. Bottled water is known to contain tens of thousands of chemicals. Third world produce, who knows? But the facts remain that we the people are sick in strange and unusual ways and depopulation of the planet is a global agenda item. The United States, as we know, is the sacrificial lamb of the global vision, including the Constitutional nation and her Americanized people. The powers that be allowed many American people to earn decent and livable wages, and corporate billionaires said no.

When you look at the change vision, you must also look back several generations to capture the essence of this change. People themselves have changed. We are an unhealthy population by virtue of corporate power and federal intervention and mandates. We are a weaker people than we once were because we are chemically-altered by design and often by law. A vision has many, many meanings. Look it up. You will find the word “trance” for instance. Just remember this: mass population reduction is a mandate of the global vision and specifically the United Nations. Equally, pandemic has been media-hammered for at least a decade and experimental super-virus manufacturing is: 1. Reality, and 2. a guaranteed impending crisis. Funny how the only growing job markets are: 1. Government jobs and 2. Health care jobs. Therefore, expect a government-controlled crisis in health care. They are planning on it.

Also, never forget that Agenda 21 calls for vegetarianism. Mad Cow, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, mercury in fish and now also radioactive seafood; does that not just about cover our animal food products? When you think of “visions”, think of agenda, agenda, agenda.

As such, is national ignorance bliss when coupled with epidemic alcoholism, epidemic drug addiction (prescription and recreational), fast-acting caffeine addictions to supersonic caffeinated drinks marketed to kids, psychotropic and anti-depression drugs, our new-fangled sex drive and anti-pregnancy drugs, mandatory and life-long vaccines, and old-age and infant chemical cocktails? And what are the results of chemically-based living coupled with the most powerful and far-reaching addictive drug of all called tell-a-vision, the screen drugs that tell you what to think, what to believe, what is right and wrong, what your opinions are and are not, what to wear and how to look, what to weigh and what to eat and not eat, who to vote for, what to do and not do, where to live, how to travel, how to spend your money, what to drive, and to worship nature? Nature…meaning “natural”?

How blissful do you feel right about now, or more specifically, how high? Well, dream on envisionees. We are indeed entranced by design. We couldn’t have an independent thought if it smacked us in the face. Have a drink (any liquid will do). Have a snack. Take a pill. Watch a tell-a-vision screen to think as told. Be as told. Look as told. Do as told. Mass ignorance as a means to social engineering is somebody’s bliss, and mass-drugging helps… a lot. Can you say food and drug enforcement, or is it administration…or both?

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