Nancy Levant

Shutdown = Making Illegal Our Presence in US Biosphere Reserves and World Heritage Sites

Get It Straight: Shutdown = Making Illegal Our Presence in UN Biosphere Reserves and World Heritage Sites

More than half of all furloughed federal employees have been recalled in less than one week of an Oscar-winning “shutdown”. What is more compelling about this performance is that most of the UN property in the US was forcibly barricaded from the American people. In reality, the “shutdown” 1) puts well over 100,000,000 acres of US land off limits to the American people, 2) wildly curtails our mobility and fundamental rights to our nation, and 3) has us wholly focused on “them”, but as usual focused on the wrong target.

We forgot about Syria, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the NSA’s illegal spying and lying, the brutal enforcement of Third World “equity” part-timing while billionaire investor bankers stole the nation’s wealth, all perfectly legal according to the thieves, and with one-third of the American people experiencing lost jobs, properties and homes. Adding additional criminality to the mix, we are barricaded and “shutdown” from many privately owned parks and sites because “they” say so, and they have grant funded and armed personnel and equipment to back up such illegalities.

Beginning with Herbert Walker Bush agreeing to the UN’s Agenda 21 blueprint for the twenty-first century, and later Bill Clinton’s signing the US into all of Agenda 21’s sustainability mandates, all of which serving to lock down the Biosphere Reserves and their conservation corridors and buffer zones from the American people, including designated World Heritage Sites (also internationalized), Barack Obama, his cabinet appointees and the ongoing treachery of his congress, through crises-based totalitarianism, have effectively criminalized vacationing and sight-seeing, experiencing real nature, and being free to travel in and experience our country. Why? Because this is not our nation; this is not the United States of America. This is an occupied territory with militarized checkpoints, civilian internment camps, militarily guarded roads, parks, national sites, oceans, athletic events, cities and all international borders.

Children are being arrested in schools for pointing fingers and carrying politically demonized toys, and they are being kicked out of government schools. Life-long hunters and fishers are being stripped of their licenses in alarmingly increasing rates, and the DHS is seeking military control of all coastal/beach territory in the United States. Firearms are being confiscated, turned in, and destroyed all across the nation.

Equally, and what we falsely focus upon is the absurdity of a dishonest and dark though enforced insurance policy that only serves to quicken death for all Baby Boomers and all others with cancer or other expensive and debilitating diseases. It is related to ethnic cleansing, but is more directly related to genetic cleansing and ageism. They are lowering national population numbers, again and exactly as dictated by the United Nations.

I suggest we prepare for an international crisis in the form of radioactive contamination. That should close the Pacific Coast, all of it. The “shutdown” has already closed off part of the Atlantic and Gulf. I also suggest we prepare for the guaranteed cyber-attack/power grid failure that could permanently lessen the way we live even further. If grid failures don’t do it, Smart Meters and Cities will. Also make note of the people who live within Biosphere Reserve/international territories that are being asked to leave and/or bullied into leaving. It’s happening every day.

Yep, this has been an award-winning shutdown performance. The final act will be the permanent collapse of our fiat dollar bills. Then the rest of the international handlers will inflict all international rules upon the people of the former United States of America. Run to your broken down exchanges, sign up, and give the Feds permission to automatically withdrawal from your bank accounts. Maybe you will get a free Smart phone that can access photos of the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, or maybe even Mt. Vernon; some of the UN’s finest territories.

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