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Last Chance for State Representatives

Last Chance for State Representatives

The American people no longer have respect for or care to deal with the Federal government. As the Feds quit on the people, the people have quit on the Feds, and they are rapidly coming to similar conclusions regarding their state representatives and trajectories.

Everything that was good in this country has been destroyed by the Federal government. If the states continue to follow the Federal-global game plan, the states are also going to lose all public support. One-third of the U.S. population is now in dire poverty, one-half is very close to the same. The nation cannot survive on part-time and low wages, which were forced upon the people for transnational corporations to secure low wage work forces without benefits.

The average price of a home is nearing 220K. The average annual wage is 28K. With the Obamacare monthly tax, the average wage earner is absolutely impoverished, food and rent insecure, and thus becoming more unhealthy and angry by the year. Enough is enough.

Equally, to raise a military against the people of the United States, which is wholly illegal under the Constitution, is not only criminal but also insidious. As such, state representatives better get it together and start repairing the damages that have been purposefully inflicted upon the people, and they need to silence the likes of billionaires like Bill Gates, George Soros and others who are blatantly acting with dictatorial powers and control of the U.S. government.

No more NGOs. No more non-profit hocus-pocus. No more SWAT soldiers terrifying the nation; its schools, gardeners, farmers, activists, drivers and pets. No more catering to the IMF and BIS. No more exploitation of Third World laborers and immigrants. No more privatizing of prisons and watershed systems. No more internationalizing of U.S. land. No more eminent domain, “zones”, “corridors”, or “green spaces” which all serve to permanently remove U.S. land and water from the people and give it to billionaires, corporations and/or government. Enough theft is enough theft.

No more taxes.   No international taxes, no healthcare tax, no carbon tax; no more taxes.

No Internet control, gun controls, no privacy violations, no forced drugging of seniors citizens, children or anyone else; no more dictatorial parenting of the American people. I repeat: No more dictatorship of the American people.

If dictatorship is your mission, get out of state service. Otherwise, re-present the will of the free people of this nation to the Federal government and restore our nation to its workable, former condition. You have no alternatives as your duty is clear. Do as We the People say; not as lobbyists with fists full of dollars say. Stop being corrupted. Stop lying to the American people. Act on our behalf or leave.

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