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Hoarding America’s Wealth: The corporate-financial elite

Hoarding America’s Wealth: The corporate-financial elite

Democracy? Fairness? Environment, Equality and Equity?

Decades of theft and lies have left Americans and the world in shock, anguish, and near-unresponsiveness from under- or non-employment, ill-health from the lack medical care and nutrient-rich food, living in impoverished and bankrupted states filled to overflowing with drugs, alcohol, pharmaceutical party favors and crime, laced tap water and geoengineered air. Truth be told, there is nothing much left to lose.

No jobs = no money

No money = no food

No food = malaise

Lengthy malaise = suffering

Lengthy suffering = rage-based action or death.

The nation’s money resides in the offshore accounts and investments of the .01% both globally and in the former 50 United States. That percentage point also owns and operates the federal government and most state politicians. The suffering of the people of which they wouldn’t give the time of day much less represent is of no consequence to this new class of malevolent dictator-deluxe billionaires. They fear and loathe the suffering masses, suffering which they caused, and they know well as does history, what comes next: mass revolt or democide...or both.

Knowing that food is not food, watershed systems across the U.S. and the world all becoming privatized, and that weather is controlled, one cannot help but consider the starvation events of Stalin’s Russia and even the Dust Bowl years in the U.S. Pandemic disease also comes to mind as the CDC and WHO constantly insist…especially when created experimental super-viruses repeatedly end up missing...over and over and over again.

There is an obvious weakening of the people, and very few acknowledge this fact even though epidemic sicknesses and diseases are among and throttling us. Denial is one thing, but staring death in the face while simply returning addicted gazes to phone screens is a sure sign that there may, in fact, be nothing left to lose.

The people who stole the nation’s money must be held accountable as must their representatives, and their stolen money must be returned to the country and its people. Otherwise, history repeats and soon, because one good super viruses infecting our current physical conditions, and most will be toast. And this, dear readers, is why elites do not eat what we eat, drink the water that we drink, and why they regularly attend private “spas” to rid themselves of that which is sprayed and radiated into the air/soil/water. Time is short, one way or another. The link below allows you to check on the status of the lying and thieving elites. Looks like they have worries as well:

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