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What we must consider about poverty, power and government

What we must consider about poverty, power and government

The Federal government has broken most laws of the Constitution with most state governors on the take and in collusion. Due to the redefining of the U.S. into geographical regions in 1969 (Nixon), today’s appointed regional leadership, decades of international treaties, executive orders, and memoranda of understanding, the Federal Reserve, the IMF and Bank of International Settlements and the UN, most of which the American people have never heard of or remain unwilling to investigate, the question is what can be done about the disestablishment of Constitutional law, all wholly illegal.

The problem is not so much the government’s coup as it has always been anticipated and expected. Nation conquering comprises the entirety of human history and is seemingly within the DNA of our species. The problem is with ordinary people. For 100 years, for example, the American people have allowed the U.S. to be illegally operated. This ongoing allowance began with the birth of public education, which was established to 1) lessen intellectual capability and knowledge in order to 2) create ignorant and lowly paid factory workers who would be capable of only one-task repetitions (assembly lines). What is historically interesting about such facts is that city dwellers, whose ancestors left agriculturally-based livings for Industrial Age city jobs, today comprise the most poverty-ridden and uneducated people in the nation, on welfare, often homeless, and who are overrun and controlled by the wealthiest people in the nation, also city dwellers. The urban poor also comprise the largest population in the nation who are clueless about how the Federal government and Federal Reserve operate, their national and state laws, their constitutional rights and duties, and the lawlessness of the Federal government. They have been so strategically dumbed down that they have become wards of the welfare state, arrested in massive numbers, the largest incarcerated population in the world, and in many cases wholly illiterate, drug addicted, and completely disenfranchised from even average living.

Contemporary people who remained outside of large cities, who remained agriculturally-based or who chose to make livings apart from both industrialized and urban living to a far larger extent continued to understand constitutional law, rights and duties, attained better educations, avoided large-scale welfare entrapments, avoided systemic criminalizing and purposeful economic disenfranchisement, chronic drug addiction, and lived safer, better and healthier lives, even though many remained poor.

Again, history is important. Most people in the world today live in or are being force-relocated into mega-cities, the largest poverty centers in the world with the highest crimes rates in the world. One hundred and even two hundred years ago, the same scenarios were true, globally. Mega-cities breed mass poverty, ill-health, homelessness, and criminality. Why? Because to live with multi-millions of people surrounding you, you have to be like those people, exactly like them, or human nature kicks in (annoyance, criticism, loathing, disdain). Everyone knows that people need space and distance from others, even family members, to re-group and re-energize. People need peace and space. Otherwise, they are vulnerable to manipulations, bad influences, addictions, and they are vulnerable to controlled social conditions, including joblessness, unfair competition, inadequate resources, welfare, crime, gang enforcements, and urban claustrophobia. People need space, quiet, safety and, for lack of a better term, biological pacification. You don’t get that in a mega-city, as you well know. Equally, electronics (Smartphones) never allow us to shut down because we have become “partnered” to their grid (physiological electronic addiction).

Urban living over the past 100 years has degraded the human intellect to such a degree that fundamental knowledge is unknown having been replaced by either 16-hour, manic work-related thinking (money, money, money) or poverty life. Almost all of the 32+ million illiterate American people are living in America’s largest urban centers. This is not an accident. This is historical, educational, intentional systemic human depreciation.

When large-scale ignorance occurs, government, being wholly operated by elite political families and their handlers, becomes whatever the wealthy desire. And when those people manipulate the ignorant on national scales, as in all of written history, people first lose their rights and eventually their lives to such elites. Once again, we are on that historical and repeating precipice.

The United States is performing near non-stop drills in and circling its cities with foreign troops, black helicopters, a constitutionally illegal military complex that has been raised against the people, militarized policing agencies armed with tanks, military firearms and billions of bullets, and a new corporation-based prison system. The U.S. incarcerates more people than any other nation in the world, most of which urban dwellers, and turns them into wage-free laborers, exactly like those in Asian sweat shops. The privatized prisons ARE American sweatshops, and what little money inmates earn pays for room and board, exactly as in Asian sweatshops.

Welfare and drugs, crime and poverty, disrespect, uselessness, ill-health and ignorance do not create happy people, happy children, opportunities or freedom in any sense of the word, and all of the above are systemic, perpetrated, and purposefully inflicted upon tens of millions in the U.S.; all of which data based and permanently imprinted in life-long records and crippling to all futures. What do all these people have in common? Two things: Repetitive arrests and incarceration and mega-cities, where U.S. slave labor forces are born generation after generation and inflicted with the poorest public education in the nation; pure history.

We have a corporate-led Federal government in the United States, which has all but destroyed the intellectual capacity of MOST people in this nation and for at least 100 years. In truth, the dumbing down has occurred throughout the entire nation’s history. Elites believe in human ranking, masters and slaves. However, this historical belief can only occur when people choose to live as purposefully degraded human beings as orchestrated by such elites in power, and ALL red and blue politicians represent all elites above them. Get this into your heads: The red and blue is a lie. The redblue is ONE PARTY, one elite governing system which fosters the ongoing master/slave paradigm.

I can only repeat, again and again, get out of the large urban areas. Reclaim your selves, your capabilities, your sanity, sobriety, and self-worth. Get off the doles of elite handlers because, as you know, they detest you. People must come together to reclaim all their legal rights, their intelligence, and to work together for freedom; else, we await further and epidemic arrests, mass-bloodshed and far, far greater enslavements which are rapidly forthcoming and this time with a lot of “foreign” help.

Always remember that billionaires and their redblue representatives have always owned and operated ALL large urban centers, the wealthiest places on earth. Never forget that. Never forget the poverty they have instituted and maintained, and the free labor from which they benefit and profit to points of living like kings. This IS human history, and it is repeating.

Though seemingly off topic, I am on a mission to get as many Americans as possible to watch and then forward two videos, which are so importance that I’m linking them to all my articles. Elites eliminating large numbers of “the rabble” is a historical, repeating pattern and something of which every generation must be aware. Over 250 million people were murdered by governing powers in the 1900’s alone. Please watch these videos as new methods of wide-scale “depopulation” (a.k.a. killing off the poor) have evolved. Also, remember that you are born for a reason, and God will use you to His purpose and care for you. Remember to give thanks in all things (1 Thessalonians 5:18). Have faith! Watch and share these videos:

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