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Stand Up, Christians

Stand Up, Christians

Approximately 78% of American adults are Christians. Many more are teens and young children, and it is way, way past time for all Christians of every denomination to pray each and every day and night for forgiveness, in praise to God, and for this nation and its treacherous leaders…each and every day. Following prayers, it is time for each and every American Christian to take an unmitigated stand for the freedom and equality of all humankind, in love and as commanded, and to realize that we cannot allow the people of this nation, selves included, to become so dumbed down and manipulated that they are 1) incapable of understanding that humanity, morality, and equality come from God, not man, and 2) incapable of operating as free people of and under God and, therefore, indivisible as his church, hands and feet.

We are rapidly approaching a point where people cannot and will not work, choosing to become wards of their states, choosing not to marry but to have meaningless sex and consequential children, half of which…HALF of American children…being raised, fed and housed by the state from birth through college. We have to stop this collectivist poverty legislated by government, education, of educationally-based immorality and ignorance, and we have to teach ALL Americans, adults and children, that sovereignty and freedom cannot coexist with people who run to the tit of government for subsistence-level poverty and call it FREEDOM. It IS NOT freedom; it is communistic SLAVERY. Freedom requires 1) morality, 2) ongoing, non-stop efforts to maintain faith and integrity beneath the crushing weight of a corrupted culture, and 3) it takes each and every person’s ability to FUNCTION, to work, and to maintain the steadfast faith that freedom and equality for every human being is absolutely certain and ordained by God.

Today we are all ranked by government, government databases, by law enforcers, by credit scores, by race, gender, religions, by economic status, marriage status, by our housing, and even our eating and buying habits—all of which tracked and ranked. WE are ranked by government, but God says otherwise. God says we are equal and we are free. We just have to understand difference and CLAIM our Godly rights.

Stand up, Christians. All together and in one voice, all glory to God, and then claim His intent and gifts. People ranked by government are treated accordingly and ALL distributions are immorally unequal as you clearly realize. One look at the twentieth century should prove beyond a shadow of doubt that when government ranks people, hundreds of millions are disposable by the fewest of the few. It is the repeating pattern of pure evil throughout all documented history, and MOST American people’s rankings both at home and in the world are dropping like rocks over waterfalls. It is not just our money and livelihoods that are falling; it is our faith, our morality, our behavior, our knowledge and education, our abilities to function as adults and to be good parents, our efforts and empathy, and our health through the enforcement of bad food and water and enforced mass-drugging.

We have been demonized by this government; children, the elderly, women, black men, white men, married people, women with children or who desire children; we are all ranked as potential enemies of OUR government, and if we do not stand up, all together and in one voice claim our God given rights and refuse this treacherous, repeating nightmare, then when the government says, “…no more,” may God help and forgive us. Pray, people…pray now…because the coup is undeniable.

I highly recommend a documentary for every American to see and share with families and churches titled Agenda: Grinding America Down. It should still be available to view for free on this link:

It is extraordinary and will help clear the fog of the many still clinging to false hopes and false prophets.

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