Nancy Levant

Dangerously Polarized by DC Design

Dangerously Polarized by Design

The divisions today between the Red and Blue are warlike. To someone my age, this is deeply unsettling and beyond comprehension. Democrats and Republicans did not used to be enemies. They were neighbors and friends. Today they accuse one another of being domestic terrorists when the press is in earshot.

When I was young it was considered to be impolite to ask whether someone was a democrat or a republican as such was considered to be private, but political affiliation was not considered to be a crime; it was a right of citizenship.   Today that is not the case.

We have become polarized enemies at the staged insistence of the federal government. They created a cold war between the people to try to bully everyone into accepting their coup of the constitutional Republic, and a coup it was. Clearly, we are no longer a constitutional nation; we are a global region tied to Canada and Mexico, and soon to also be tied to parts of Central and South America. We are becoming a mega-state. The financing is in place, the global leaders and their headquarters are fully operational, all partners, stakeholders and transnational central banks are up, running, and currently controlling entire multi-national regions.

New transnational and militarized law enforcement agencies are raised and operational, and the people of the former United States and Canada have been uneducated, indebted, and their lifestyles have been degraded to levels nearing Third World status. We are soon to live in highly controlled urban Smart centers, and all privacy has been eliminated. Soon our bank accounts, retirement accounts and pensions will be taken as enforced contributions to the new global system (“the greater good”) and enforced by all appointed authoritarians. We are no longer “represented” people; we are subjects to privately militarized leaders.

In order that the people become the bad guys, whereby shifting attention from the national usurpers and their wholly illegal remaking of the US, Canada and Mexico, we have been forced into a cold war with each other, democrats vs. republicans, neighbor against neighbor. This is an insidious act of cowardice, particularly since the federal government could care less about the people of the US, Canada or Mexico. They simply want their super nation-state, additional consumers for their corporate handlers, and the lowest possible wage earners. However, only some have been convinced or bribed into belief in this new transnational system, mostly having been given grants, jobs, trinkets and a lot of promises. Most, however, have not been convinced nor do they desire military leadership vs. representation. They desire constitutional rights, all of them.

The federal government and their corporate media created an advertised and insistent cold war between the red and blue people of this nation, and they race-baited the show between all people of color and immigrants vs. white Americans. It was and is planned and staged, and everyone is buying into this fool’s game. Today everyone blames “the other party”, but the blame lies squarely in Washington DC. They are responsible for creating the cold war between the people. Let us pray that we are not so stupid as to fall for racial and cultural wars, if not another “civil” war. Let us pray that the people will wake up and realize that the problem is not us, but rather with the illegal takeover of the nation by paid usurpers. They are nation stealers, and morphing all nations into billionaire havens is against the law. If you can’t see this, you are out of your minds. When the welfare plug is fully pulled, all banks accounts are raided, and when law enforcement starts firing upon massive numbers of desperate people in the streets, then we will see who was right. However, by that time it will be too late.

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