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Intellectual Tyranny: Technology-Based Education

Intellectual Tyranny: Technology-Based Education


John Milton once wrote that “Anarchy is the sure consequence of tyranny; or no power that is not limited by laws can ever be protected by them”. In other words, if laws do not steadfastly limit power and power grabbers, no laws exist to protect them or you. When systemically unprotected and undefended, trouble is coming. This is the whole world history of wars, genocide, and the mass murders of innocent people. The necessity to limit power is a no-brainer, but equally and perpetually, it is not.

How unbelievable to have won religious and personal freedom, and to have set into place checks and balances to control pathological power schemes, only to turn around in nine or ten generations and worship at the feet of political power. Consider well this point. Many readers may have four or five generations alive within their families. Very few years have passed since the nation broke free from an English dictator-king.

However, recognizable in tyranny’s history are its re-education programs, social propaganda, and social disinformation tactics. Today, these tyrannical methodologies are evident and even magical through mass media, enforced educational curricula, and the magical addiction factor of screened technologies. Equally, the world has become magically captivated by “expertise”.

Re-education has become mandatory for earned income. That is all but obvious, but the addictive factor of screens, coupled with widespread unemployment and desperation, makes for very compliant learner-slaves. Just feed and water them, and give them phones and computers, and they will do as commanded. Equally, they will think as commanded by educator authorities, computer programs and according to grading standards and criteria, and even according to the grant-driven agendas of pastors and priests. In essence, freedom of thought and conscience becomes too difficult and a brazen interference with screen addictions. Just tell them what to think and do.

The Common Core curriculum, secretly encoded into the United States educational system, Kindergarten through college, is designed to change what students believe. They are taught under the guise of critical thinking, but the curriculum teaches government subjugation to global authoritarianism, human sacrifice for the greater good, total lifestyle overhauls for sustainability, and fear of and distain for opposing points of view. The curriculum assessments also profile students’ opinions and attitudes, which then technologically coordinates their utilitarian or employment tracks. If students are found to be inappropriate thinkers and believers, they are targeted for poverty, which will lead to mandatory military services, un-employability, or criminal or mental diagnoses. The Common Core educational curriculum and system is a change agent that will ultimately produce compliant and lowly paid global workers and soldiers, all serving the greater good of corporate wealth and political sustainability. It is designed to change students into compliant subjects of governance and to identify and disaffect nonbelievers of the new order, which is why “assessment” is its key technological component.

Under the Common Core educational model, teachers are to share all “best practices” by designing incremental and highly detailed teaching and assessment strategies, all directed by predetermined student learning outcomes. Each learning outcome is identified by Common Core for each subject and in all grade levels. Teachers then create learning activities around each desired outcome and provide assessments or measures to test if students have achieved the mandatory outcome, and all activities and assessments are rapidly becoming solely computer-based. In effect, teachers import their best teaching activities and assessments into computer software packages such as Blackboard and Moodle, teaching computers how to do what teachers do. Without fail, teachers are rapidly becoming obsolete, and educational software is going to become the primary educators of children, which is also very evident. Many college courses are now online only, and many such courses are without human teachers.

The goal is to create a worldwide educational system used in all countries, all technologically-based, and without the personal opinions of human teachers. The Common Core system, which is an international educational system approved by the United Nations, is a canned program seeking intellectual tyranny over the values, beliefs and individual opinions of students. It is a program to train the world’s people to think identically by tying assessment scores or grades to values, beliefs and opinions. If students think, believe, and do as told, they will be certified for a specific field and job that has been predetermined typically in the eighth grade when students complete online employment interest profiles. This is also Common Core.

As such, it is no wonder why it was silently implemented into the U.S., and why schools and colleges are relentlessly retraining all teachers and instructors on redesigning their teaching strategies and methods according to predetermined learning outcomes. In effect, teachers do not teach their subjects. They teach what Common Core tells them to teach, and students are subjectively assessed for compliance in thinking and beliefs rather than objectively assessed for mastery of subject matter. Common Core is an educational change agent that technologically determines students careers; which students will be certified for specified jobs, which students will be employed in the military, and which students who are to be disallowed employment through mental health diagnoses. Once teachers, now identified as “curriculum engineers” and “classroom facilitators”, have uploaded all learning activities and have designed and uploaded all their designed activity assessments, they are 1) likely to be cut to part-time or let go, or 2) will become online teachers at a far lower rate of pay as they are no longer educators, but simply facilitators for self-directed computer learning programs. Today all teachers are teaching computers to replace them as teachers, and every teacher is very aware of this trajectory.

As children are leaving the public and private school systems in droves due to the fact of being dumbed-down at astounding and obvious rates, and as homeschooling numbers are rising seven to nine percent annually, it is only a matter of time before the powers that be will be moved to make illegal parent-led education as 1) international law trumps national laws, and 2) because homeschooled children are statistically better educated than public school children, have higher SAT and ACT scores than public school children, and 3) intellectually escape government school agendas and manipulations.

Common Core claims to be based in critical thinking, but it is not. It is, in fact, based in a mandatory belief system pertaining to global governance and compliance to such belief. Common Core also claims to be based on a just and equal education for all, which is also untrue. It is based on corporate labor needs and governmental control of human knowledge and capability. It is an economic caste system controlled by computer software. Truth.

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