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Enforced Debt: The Road to Global Fascism

Enforced Debt: The Road to Global Fascism

Think about it. Decades ago every American mail box was flooded, daily, with credit card applications. Prior to this, no one was in debt minus mortgage notes. Then credit was offered to graduating high school seniors beginning in the 1970’s…the same decade the global infrastructures were laid in earnest; when the U.S. went off the gold standard and raised the nation’s “regional” headquarters. Since that time, most American adults have been in chronic credit card debt, became addicted consumers, and all manufactured items, from automobiles to furniture to carpeting to cookware to textiles, were designed with built-in expiration dates. Then public technologies hit the marketplace with even earlier expiration dates, and life-long adult debt was born and raised in the U.S.

In 1972 my total full-time college tuition for a semester was $250.00. I had no student loans. Today my daughter’s semester tuition is $12,000.00 plus an additional $1,000.00 for books and “fees”. She just graduated with her bachelor’s degree. She is $26,000.00 in student loan debt at age 19, and she is in the company of nearly 40 million students. Their total debt now surpasses one trillion dollars. In 2014 Americans are $11.68 trillion in debt, owe $854.2 billion in credit card debt, $8.15 trillion in mortgage debt, and $1 trillion in student loans debt; all totaled, 14% higher debt than in 2013. Clearly, these numbers are insurmountable. We cannot pay back these kinds of numbers without jobs or hope for future jobs. However, what we fail to realize is that this “easy credit” trap had one and only one purpose: to make every American so indebted that they had no choice but to seek government help.

Forty-nine percent of Americans are receiving government assistance, and one in seven is living below the poverty line. The numbers worsen every year. Here is why; debt is enforced. To get “credit”, you are forced to go into debt. To buy houses or cars, 99% of Americans are forced to go into debt. Equally, taxation in all its hocus pocus and cruelty is enforced debt. Obamacare is the newest massive tax…to date.

Equally, beginning in the 1970’s, the general health of the American (and global) people began to decline while health care costs became wholly unaffordable and actual medical care began to be rationed. Today American are all sickened from poor food and water, sick factory farmed animals, over-drugging, and next to no actual medical care. Most Americans get nursing and clinic care and computer generated prescriptions based on age and symptoms…age being the most important factor according to insurance corporations and Obamacare age limitations. Today most bankruptcies are caused by actual ill health that is not treated by actual medical care. An average one-day stay in a hospital, without surgery, is $5,000.00. The average one week stay, without surgery, is over $50,000.00. One in three Americans cannot afford to pay their medical debts, the largest cause of bankruptcies in the nation. So, Americans are forced to pay an enormous monthly health care tax, receive no actual health care, get sicker every year, and owe 21 billion dollars in unpaid health “care” expenses. In a nutshell, enforced sickness = enforced medical debt.

Americans did not create debt problems; they were victimized by the federal government and corporate bankers forcing the people into debt schemes. Equally, nearly 50% of U.S. welfare recipients are working people…who are not paid enough upon which to live.

We are a debt-based society for one very important reason; to collapse the current economic system and adopt the global system. Approximately 33% of Americans are receiving government aid. Very soon that number will be fifty percent as economic conditions worsen.   When the desperation percentage is achieved (60%, 70%, 80%?), global economics will rush to the rescue and, in a nutshell, America will end in the minds of the desperately sick and poor. Americans simply won’t care about America anymore.

That is the plan and the reason for the “economic crisis”. And food for thought: why pay back any debts when 1) the government has stolen your mandatory Social Security for decades, 2) is not obliged to pay back its debts, and 3) the government takes one-third of your income…annually… and then taxes anything it wants to tax? You have debts? I don’t think so.   You can’t pay them back, government recipients and part-timers:

  • Average credit card debt within indebted households: $15,263
  • Average credit card interest rate: 14.95% APR
  • Average mortgage debt: $147,591
  • Average outstanding student loan balance: $31,646
  • Average auto loan debt: $30,738
  • Only 59 percent of Americans have at least $500 in a savings account saved
Their debt scheme was clever, and it worked like a shopping channel charm. There won’t be such charms beneath global fascism, however. Refer to Europe, Ukraine, and the rest of the world if in doubt. For that matter, check with the 0.1%. They do, in fact, have what should have been your money, health, and security.

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