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Bioweapons: The denial (amongst others)

Bioweapons: The denial (amongst others)

When billionaire/trillionaires, agribusiness, chemical corporations, and government meld into one entity, terrorism exists. Food and drugs combined with poisons and genetic alterations are a recipe for strategically planned death. Add aerial spraying/geoengineering/chemtrailing to the mix, and you have total, global victimization. Then combine all this with control of water and promises of global water restrictions. Sitting ducks, people, have never prospered.

So, what is a bioweapon? It is anything the entity desires it to be. A vaccine, cold medications, heart pills, tap water, cancer treatments, genetically modified soy, corn, sugar, potatoes or carrots, growth hormone’d and vaccinated hamburgers and steaks, milk, diet or regular soft drinks, terminator seeds, soaps and shampoos, chemical materials and clothing; anything desired can be made deadly, including super viruses, all of which developed and produced by the same said entity.

Most American people prefer ignorance and denial. The rest of the world knows better to a far greater extent, but Americans cling to their worship of riches, power and American exceptionalism as a way to deny their certain ignorance. Americans cannot handle the truth about American wealth criminality. They cannot handle the fact that they are being sickened, sterilized and terminated; hence, they resort to pathological denial. In fact, they choose their demise rather than face their ignorance. Americans cannot handle truth.

When the entity changes global weather, blocks sunlight, creates drought, flooding, unstoppable wildfires; when it sprays poisonous aluminum, strontium, barium, sulfates, depleted uranium and other radioactive compounds upon the earth’s watershed systems, all soil, all flora and fauna, and upon all human beings; when the food that has sustained humanity for all of human life has been chemically and genetically altered; when medicines have been genetically altered and combined with substances known to be deadly to human beings; when water has been chemically altered and mixed with poisons known to be deadly to human beings; when food animals have been genetically altered and sickened with chemical compounds in feed and in veterinary vaccines, and when cleansers, personal hygiene soaps and supplies, clothing, carpeting, blankets, cookware, plastics, and all other “things” used by people are chemically concocted compounds made by the self-same governing entity, sterility and sickness ensue and death results. As previously stated, anything can be a bioweapon when funded to be a bioweapon. American people, to the largest extent, deny such because they choose denial.

Then there is something war-like brewing that involves Russia, China, the United States, and Barack Obama. This is readily denied, but the U.S-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission cannot be denied ( Nor can the multiple military training drills with Russia and China on American soil and Obama’s ongoing evisceration of American military leadership. Something is clearly afoot, but to declare that something would only elicit more denial. However, that scenario will also come to fruition as all other conspiracy theories, as if by magic, to play out in the full light of future days.

Another problem for American people is that all the above was originally and continues to be an American mission. The entity that rules this nation and the rest of the world is an American entity. In truth, the “exceptionalism” that we were taught to worship was simply the “entity”.

Note: Should you investigate the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission (one of Obama’s first projects as president) via the provided U.S. Department of State’s web site above, all blue rectangle boxes around the insignia are clickable. You might want to take a look at our “joint” missions.

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